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Baby Sensory and Toddler Sense, award winning baby and toddler classes from England, now available in English (and Dutch) in Holland.

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Curious Kids Familiecentrum is an integrated Parents & Children Centre where we offer courses, workshops and single lessons 7 days a week for parents, their children and parents to be.

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we have 20 different locations through-out the whole of Amsterdam

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Where: Baby Sensory, Hygieastraat 8, 1076 RM Amsterdam (Side street of Stadionweg, through number 276) When: Friday (English), Saturday (Nederlands) What: Toddler Sense is an Adventure Play activity tha

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"Mummy and Me" music classes for toddlers and preschoolers
This course is a combination of singing, dancing, exploring musical instruments, new rhythms and beats, sharing feelings and self expression. Very special moment for you and your little ones only.

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Our Toddler Sense programme is an Adventure Play activity that has been designed to build skills acquired at Baby Sensory. Toddler Sense is an exciting introduction into learning through play and games. Our Toddler Classes include great music, equipment, games and new ideas!

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During 45 minutes session the kids between 1 and 4 years old enjoy their songs and favourite tales, take part in games, are in contact with other kids of the same age and they have a quality time with their father/mother/caregiver. All under professional direction and supervision.

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Flamenco dance lessons for children between 4 and 9 years old. Kids learn in a dynamic and fun way the different flamenco rhythms such us rumba or sevillanas while they are developing their coordination and psycho motor skills.

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Where: Robbeburg International Playgroup, Jekerstraat 84, 1078 MG Amsterdam

When: Monday to Saturday What: A corner stone of the international community Robbeburg has been running playgroups for over 30 years.  

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Running, jumping, rolling, crawling, falling down and then ‘picking yourself up again’….

Constant movement helps toddlers discover the world around them. Children learn the fundamentals of dance in their weekly class. Their minds are stirred and inspired; they are stimulated to develop physical capabilities and flourish. Free movement and simple tasks help children discover their bodies, the space they are in and their emotions- all that while increasing their language, musical abilities and coordination. Short exercises are created to help children express courage, fantasy, expression, creativity, concentration, teamwork, posture, and last but not least: to just have fun!
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Where: Bouncy Bunch Centrum: Het Claverhuis, Elandsgracht 70, Amsterdam Zuid: Coenen-Lydia Multicultureel Centrum, Roelof Hartplein, Amsterdam
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The Mini Sport Stars class targets children between the ages of 2-4*, introducing sport in a fun, supportive and non-competitive environment. This class assists in developing important skills such as hand-eye co-ordination, balance, concentration and strength.

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