About Amsterdam Mamas

Our Story

Once upon a time, six mothers-to-be gathered together for a brunch in Amsterdam. They didn’t know each other very well and afterwards, they decided to stay in touch via a Facebook group which they imaginatively called “Amsterdam Mamas”.

Inside our little Facebook group, we would swap information, ask questions and provide support for each other as we navigated this new chapter of our lives. But here’s the thing about becoming a new mother, suddenly, although you’ve never noticed it before, it seems that every other person you meet is pregnant. You bump into new mothers in the street, you meet each other at yoga classes. And as we met new these other mothers, we found that they had questions too, they felt alone just as we did so we invited them into our little online group so that they could be part of our community and feel as supported as we did.

Soon we were no longer six mamas in a group, we were 60 mamas, then we were 1,000 mamas and today we are over 20,000 mamas and papas in a Facebook group connecting to each other every day, providing each other with information and support even though many of us have never met in person. We don’t all share common interests or perspectives, we raise our children in different ways and speak over 100 different languages, Yet we have found a way to belong to each other. We are a community. Parenting can be hard, it can be lonely and isolating. But what we’ve learnt from being part of Amsterdam Mamas, from creating our own community we draw strength and we build resilience. We are more able to cope with life’s challenges when we can share them with others who will say “Me too! And this is how I got through it…”

Amsterdam Mamas has become so much more than just a Facebook group, it is a thriving not-for-profit foundation, a website, a podcast, an events organisation, a policy advocate for families and many of our members tell us that we have changed their lives.

Amsterdam Mamas exists for every parent in the city who has ever wanted to feel more informed and supported as they navigate raising their family because we know that even in the city, it takes a village.

All About Us

Amsterdam Mamas is a not-for-profit foundation (KvK: 53409159).

Our Mission

To be the most trusted and reliable information and support for international parents living in Amsterdam and the surrounding regions.

Our Values

We foster an environment that is:

  • Inclusive: we welcome everyone.
  • Non-judgmental: make sure that parents and families have the best information, on a wide variety of issues and standpoints
  • Supportive: we know that even in the city, it takes a village.

What We Do

  • Maintain a highly active website and several Facebook Groups
  • Organize annual events for the community such as the Great Big Easter Egg Hunt, The Spooktacular Parade and the SantaTram.
  • Deliver weekly newsletters covering events for families in the city.
  • Provide support to parents in need (while protecting the parents’ identities)
  • Run an activities database and business directory

Facts and Stats

  • Our membership comprises almost 100 different nationalities.
  • Amsterdam Mamas has over 20,000 mamas and papas members on its main Facebook Group. Over 80% of our members visit our groups at least once a month.
  • The Weekend Round-Up weekly newsletter has ± 5,500 readers.
  • 500+ participants attend our community events