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Kidzartlab Sunday Morning Session

Kidzartlab Sunday Morning Session

Children expand their creative genius through the world of art at the Kidzartlab. Through explorations of visual and tactile mediums, children develop self confidence in expression. Each lab session has a central theme, with three stations based on drawing, painting and sculpture. The three disciplines are also combined with each other. Parents explore and discover themes presented at each station with their child. They learn new techniques together that expand the creative vocabulary of possibilities. These ideas create richness and move past the session to expand creativity into other areas of both the child and parents life.

This group is for the age range of +/- 18 months – 5 years old. Exercises are age appropriate and inspire learning through play. Children have a creative adventure developing their motor skills. Left and right hemispheres are integrated through eagerly creating with both hands. Both Emotional and Social intelligence is fostered through individual and group interactions. All of the senses are activated in the lab and a deep knowledge of drawing, painting and sculpture leaves a lasting inspiration. This Sunday morning session is weekly from 10:00-11:00am.



Molenpad 17D, 1016GL Amsterdam





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