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Little Star Fitness: Acro Circus Class and Allstar Skills Stars

Acro Circus Class - Little Star Fitness

Little Star Fitness – Kinder (4-6 years) and Allstar (7-12) Acro Circus Stars

The children will be exploring a variety of circus skills, such as aerial silks, juggling, handstands, hula hooping and tumbling. Circus is a great way to develop the essentials of any physical activity: strength, coordination, balance and flexibility. Your child will have so much fun learning how to move in extraordinary ways, they will never want to stop!

Class Structure: The 60-minute class starts out with a fun warm up to music. In the following section correct technique is taught through a playful mix of games and exercises. From there it’s on to the circus circuit! Approximately six stations will be set up around the gym, with qualified coaches who are ready to assist and spot when necessary. Every class ends with a cool down, to relax the muscles and gain flexibility. And in order to make it even more interesting, we will introduce new skills every two weeks.

Little Star Fitness – Allstar Aerial Silks Stars (7+ years)

Aerial Silks is a form of aerial acrobatics that allows one to climb and do many tricks from two hanging fabrics suspended from the ceiling. This aerial silks class is aimed at Aerial Stars ages 7 and up. They will learn many fun skills and techniques in order to master the silks safely and effectively. In the class the kids will gain strength, flexibility and endurance. They will also have fun creating their own routines and playing games in order to learn proper technique.

Class Structure: In this 60-minute class, the Aerial Stars will complete a fun 15-minute warm up, do partner conditioning and learn exciting skills. At the end of class we will have a cool down to relax the muscles and gain flexibility. Each skill they learn in this class will build on the other to ensure that it stays in their memory and children develop to harder skills. At the end of each term we will have a small performance to show the parents!



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