Whatever the famous carol may say, we need more than Twelve Days of Christmas to take in all the holiday magic Amsterdam offers in December. Here’s a roundup of the festive (and practical) resources in and around Amsterdam this Christmas.

Well, they are here, ready or not. Here’s a quick survival guide for the Holidays from the Mamas:

Christmas Markets

A beautiful and beloved tradition in many European cities and towns, Christmas Markets are the perfect way to shop, have fun, and enjoy musical and culinary treats at the same time. Here are some of the Mamas’ favorites.

Christmas Trees

Real or artificial? Whatever way you lean, here’s a quick guide to finding your perfect arboreal companion this Christmas.

Toy Stores

Let’s face it: for most children, Christmas = Toys. Lots of toys. Here are the Mamas’ favourite toy stores in Amsterdam.

Ice Skating

Is there a better way to put all those Christmas cookies to good use? Ice skating is a favorite Dutch pastime, and while the Ice Village on Museumplein is stunningly pretty, don’t limit yourself to just one rink – there are many options!

Throwing a Holiday Party

There’s nothing like hosting a Christmas party at home – the tree, the lights, the decorations, the music … and nothing helps the Christmas cheer more than some holiday decorating touches. Here are some tips for making your home festive and bright.

Holiday Food Shopping

Cooking Christmas Dinner yourself? Here’s some help on where to procure some special holiday foods.