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In a nutshell, we teach water confidence and safety skills to babies and toddlers. However, we're about so much more besides. Our classes are great for making new friends, helping to enhance the bonding process, having fun... and seeing the utter thrill of your little one gliding underwater towards you. Over the years we know our lessons were directly responsible for saving the lives of more than a dozen little ones who otherwise might have tragically drowned. That makes us very proud. And we like raising money for other babies: to date, we've raised over £1.2 million for Tommy's!

Swimming Classes
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Monday to Friday
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Corendon Vitality Hotel Amsterdam, Aletta Jacobslaan 7, 1066 BP Amsterdam. Nifterlake Kinderdag Centrum, Hoekseward, Amstelveen. Friendship Sports Centre, Beemsterstraat 652, 1027 ED, Amsterdam. Rebelsport, Kerkstraat 68, 1271 RM, Huizen.

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