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Little Star Fitness

Little Star Fitness offers sport, dance, circus and aerial silks classes and birthday party entertainment that are fun, innovative and exciting.
Our programs are specifically designed for children between the ages of 2-12. The classes are delivered in English; however, through the use of verbal and visual demonstration, children who do not speak English are able to follow every activity with ease. We do have coaches available that speak a variety of languages, if needed.

Our main focus is to improve children’s gross and fine motor skills, co-ordination, and rhythm, whilst building the children’s self-confidence in a fun and non-competitive environment. Children who participate in Little Star Fitness sessions will further develop their love for physical activity, dance and sport, assist with living a healthy lifestyle, decrease childhood obesity and increase confidence in all aspects of their life.

Skills taught and learnt during sessions:

  • Teamwork Setting and achieving goals
  • Dance expression
  • Listening/concentration
  • Following instruction
  • Music rhythm
  • Technical ball skills
  • Communication
  • Hand-eye and Foot-eye coordination
  • A lot of fun


Tel: 06 1107 6992

Email: info@littlestarfitness.com

Website: https://littlestarfitness.com



Multiple Locations: Jan van Eijckstraat 47, 1077 LH Amsterdam Verbindingstraat 2 1073 TJ Amsterdam Lizzy Ansinghstraat 88, 1072 RD Amsterdam


06 1107 6992