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Blue Umbrella

The #1 tax return service provider in the Netherlands. Completing your tax return doesn’t need to be stressful, complicated, or expensive. At a fixed fee of just €145 including VAT, we make it easy, stress-free, and affordable.

We’re suitably qualified and experienced and we’ll ensure that we claim everything you’re entitled to so that you receive the maximum eligible tax rebate. It’s all included in the service we offer, no hidden costs!
No matter how complex your personal tax situation is, filing your income tax return with us is simple, straightforward, affordable and completely online. We offer a discount if you file your tax return together with your partner. This service is also available to expats with a 30% ruling.

Small business support package

We also offer a support package for small business owners. This service provides guidance for internationals in setting up and managing their business in the Netherlands.

Starting a business is a rewarding but life-changing process. You will face important questions and it can be a challenge to find the answers, especially if you are unfamiliar with Dutch business regulations. How should you set up payroll? What costs are tax-deductible? How should you organize international VAT payments? And most importantly: how do you do the right thing in your specific circumstances, and avoid future headaches and fines? This is where Blue Umbrella for Business can help. We free you up to invest your time in what matters: building your company.

Reduce your childcare costs with Blue Childcare

The costs for childcare in the Netherlands are high. Luckily, the Dutch Government provides substantial subsidies to lower these costs. Blue Childcare is designed to help you finance your childcare costs and benefit optimally from childcare subsidies. Blue Childcare is a full-service concept:

  • We handle the entire childcare allowance cycle, so there is no hassle;
  • We handle your end-of-year allowance filings;
  • We handle other allowances and benefits such as health care allowance, rent allowance and child benefit (kinderbijslag) from the SVB;
  • We  act as an intermediary between you and the tax office, the municipality and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs;
  • We handle the correspondence from the tax office; our Blue Mail Service (optional)*;
  • We provide free legal support to restore reclaimed childcare allowance money.
For more information, simply fill in your details on our website www.blueumbrella.nl and we’ll be in touch. Or if you prefer to talk to us, call us on +31(0)204687560




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