Klassiek op het Amstelveld

Amstelveld Amstelveld 1, Amsterdam, Noord Holland

Klassiek op het Amstelveld is a free open-air festival that provides a stage for young classical talent and the stars of the future. We bring talents from all over the world together and show that origin and age should not play a role in classical music! For 2 days, festival visitors can enjoy classical music […]

Weekend van de Wetenschap (National Science Weekend)

Each year there is a special "open house" event in which locations that utilise science and technology throughout the Netherlands open their door to the public and organise special events just for chidldren 8-14 years old and their families FOR FREE. This year Weekend van de Wetenschap is on 1 & 2 October. The entire […]

Compassionate Communication 6-week Course

When I realized that everything a person does is done to satisfy a need, my life was forever transformed. I'm now eager to carry on my educational path by imparting knowledge to and facilitating transformation in the lives of others. Join me if you'd like to experience exploration, connection, growth, empathy, and play, and tell […]


Steam AUTUMN camp 2022 Dear parents, We are open for registrations - *STEAM AUTUMN CAMP “ If you want to share any other additional information then you can drop it in message section. For activities: parents can check our social platforms https://www.facebook.com/edu.chalkandduster Thank you Regards *Chalk & Duster Learning Centre *


ART CAMP at ARTZUID In the autumn holidays, ARTZUID organizes a 5-day ART CAMP with the theme Pop Art. Children aged 5-11 discuss consumer society, commerce and waste issues. They will be introduced to different craft materials and create their own art! At the end of the week, there will be an exhibition for the […]


one liner: An ode for friendship in a world turned upside down, TOPSY TURVY is a dance-video performance for children age 4-8. plot: Two friends find a treasure map and discover a whole new world. They travel together through the mountains and swim in the sea, they fly with the geese and defy all kinds […]