Awards – Community FAQs

You’ve got questions about the Amsterdam Mamas awards? We’ve got answers. If you have a question that isn’t answered here please e-mail and we will update the FAQs.

How do the Awards work? 

We have several different categories and subcategories in our dedicated nominations form. You can enter a nomination for all of them, or for only one or two, as you wish.

On the 11th March, we will collate all the nominations received on our website. These nominations will then be transferred to the online voting forms. You can vote using the voting forms until the 29th March after which the winner with the most votes in each category will be announced. 

Who can I nominate? 

You can nominate any business, service, person, event or activity which you think is wonderful! If your favourite family-friendly restaurant, photographer, swim class or toddler’s activity makes your day, this is your opportunity to show them your appreciation and tell others about them.

How can I nominate a business?

On the official nominations form on the Amsterdam Mamas website. You can find it here: Only one nomination form per email address will be accepted (and yes, we will be monitoring this!)

I volunteer for Amsterdam Mamas, can I still nominate and/or vote? 

Yes. The only people who are exempt from nominating or voting are members of the Core Amsterdam Mamas team who work directly with businesses (this includes: management, team leaders and the partnership team)

Will people know who I have nominated or voted for? 

No, not unless you tell them yourself. All nominations and votes are confidential. None of your details will be shared with any participants. We will only use your e-mail address to communicate with you about the Awards via a newsletter service which you can unsubscribe from at any time. Please note: if you unsubscribe from the newsletter before the end of the awards you may miss updates on the award process.

What are the nomination and voting deadlines?

Nominations are open from 5th March to the 11th March. Voting is open from 19th March to the 02nd April. 

Why is there a gap between nominations closing and voting opening? 

During the one-week period between nominations closing and voting opening the Awards team will be collating the responses, building the voting forms and contacting the nominated businesses to advise them that they have been nominated.

I nominated a business, but I can’t find them on the voting form. What happened? 

To keep the voting forms to a manageable length we will only put forward businesses who have received multiple nominations to the voting stage. Alternatively a business may decide that they do not want to proceed in the Awards. If they do not then we will remove them from the Awards. For confidentiality reasons we will not be announcing businesses who withdraw nor will we be able to provide details of why they chose to withdraw.

How are the winners selected?

The winners are selected by you. A winner will be the nominee in each category who receive the most votes by close of voting, and will be announced on the website after the 16th April. 

What do the winners get? 

Other than the warm fuzzy glow that they have been nominated and voted for by parents who use and value what they do, all winners will be featured in the Amsterdam Mamas Recommend section of our website. All participating businesses will receive a window sticker, certificate and option to use the Amsterdam Mamas official logo on their electronic communications. A recommendation from the Amsterdam Mamas community is already seen as a hallmark for family-friendly businesses in Amsterdam. Winners of the Awards will now be able to visibly demonstrate the community’s trust in them and it makes it much easier for the community to discover new, trusted businesses.

Where can I find a list of the winners? 

The winners will be listed on a dedicated page on the Amsterdam Mamas website once the voting process has closed. We will update this page with the link once they have been announced. To be the first to know, please make sure that you are signed up for the Amsterdam Mamas Newsletters. If you are not already registered you can register by filling in your details at the bottom of this page.