Looking for a family photographer? Check out our shortlist of the Mamas’ favourites.

If you’re anything like me, then you probably have a smartphone full of pictures of your little one (or ones), maybe a few with your other half, and a couple where you’ve managed to shoehorn half your face into some wobbly selfies. Scrolling through, you think it could be nice to have a few pictures of all of you, where nobody is crying/blinking/pulling faces and everybody is in focus.

No need to look too far, here we are with a round-up of the most popular family photographers from the AM Facebook page: ‪

Adinda Arian

Adinda says she works “as a journalist”, preferring to capture people as they are, with minimal use of equipment. She has received some excellent feedback for her natural style of photography: “fantastic, reasonably priced and very good with kids, her fotos are needless to say outstanding”. 

Diego Restivo Photography

Diego comes highly recommended for baby and family photo shoots, but offers a wide variety of other services too. Mamas report being “super happy” with the results which also come at “a reasonable price”. 

Justa Miegon ♦AMR 2016 Honourable Mention: Best Family Photographer♦

Recommended for newborn shoots in particular, Justa has a particular style which has been popular amongst the mamas. She uses tailor made accessories and different outfits to add a splash of colour and a lot of fun to her pictures. 

Libia Arteaga

Specialising in outdoor photography but with a portfolio ranging from maternity to newborn and family, as well as portrait and wedding photography, Libia has been recommended time and again along with some sterling praise: “she has the eye to capture the moment” “‪Libia Arteaga‪ is awesome! Talented, Professional, kind and affordable”.

Liv Stephen Photography

“Wonderful with children” Liv comes up time and again on our photographer recommendation threads. She specialises in documentary “day-in-the-life” sessions and outdoor child and family shoots, working mainly on weekends. See her website for a peek at her fantastic portfolio. 

Luciana Blair Photography‪ ♦AMR 2016 Honourable Mention: Best Family Photographer♦

Available for studio sessions or at a location of your choice, “friendly and easy to get along with” Luciana comes highly recommended for newborn and family shoots. 

Melody Rae‪

Families looking for a way to celebrate or remember their ‘Amsterdam life’, should check out Melody Rae’s portfolio – her Amsterdam Sessions come highly recommended. Her wide portfolio also includes maternity and newborn shoots, along with couples and wedding photography. 

Rubianca Han Simmelsgaard

For those after a natural looking set of prints, many mamas have loved the unique and beautiful results of working with Rubianca. She uses an observational, documentary approach, in her own words, “It’s not about setting the scene – it’s all about allowing you to live your moments, enjoy them, and just be yourself”. 

Rudi Wells ♦AMR 2016 Winner: Best Family Photographer♦

Rudi has received glowing praise by many of the mamas, particularly for his work with children: “I can honestly say that Rudi is not just a photographer, but sort of a child psychologist. He has an incredible gift, both with children and with the camera. I don’t know how he does it, but the man is a magician”. He also offers portrait sessions for business or creatives – give his Facebook page a like to receive updates on those. 

Stefanie Archer Photography‪

Stefanie has received great feedback for maternity and family shoots. She has three children of her own so fully understands how quickly time flies, and how important it is to preserve special memories. Clients have described her as patient and as someone who genuinely cares about her clients. She also offers portrait and studio sessions.

VioletART Photography

Specialising in baby photography, Violetta is recommended for her creativity and for being somewhat of a baby-whisperer. “My daughter slept better in her hands than in mine,” raved one mama. 

This list has been compiled from the recommendations of our members on the Amsterdam Mamas Facebook Page

Robyn Grafton

Robyn moved to Amsterdam four years ago, fell head over heels for a Dutchie and is now the proud mama of a baby boy, Jack. With a background in legal business development and marketing, and naturopathic nutrition(!), she took the plunge last year and became a freelance corporate, commercial and proposal writer. She hopes to pick up the nutrition study again one day, but until then is happy to experiment with recreating healthy versions of her guilty pleasures – raw snickers bar, anyone?