For all Amsterdam parents who need help facing the challenges of parenthood and international life; a list of counselling services recommended by the mamas.

“Our wounds are often the openings into the best and most beautiful part of us.” – David Richo 

Every so often a mama or papa in need reaches out to us for help. Seeking help and support is a brave and healthy step. Here are some of the counselling options which have been recommended by fellow mamas. 



For emergency responses to acute mental health issues, please contact your local Spoedeisende Psychiatrie (Emergency Mental Health Service)

Contact details: Amsterdam   020 523 54 33

Julie Sharon-Wagschal

Julie is Dutch-American and specialises in counselling for individuals, couples, and families. She works mostly with young and middle-aged adults who are dealing with family issues.

Contact details:  06-45180342,

Jeanette Bolck

Psychologist Jeanette Bolck offers individual, group and relationship counselling.

Contact details: 06 50 98 65 80, Practice closed on Mondays, Fridays, and Sundays

Eileen Van Essen

Eileen is an integrative psychotherapist who has created several couple and relationship therapy programmes.

Contact details: 06 55125546,

Nancy van den Berg-Cook

Nancy is a psychotherapist who welcomes individuals, couples, families and children.

Contact details: 06 25 218 178,

Debby Poort

Integrative psychologist Debby Poort is American and started her practice specifically for the international community. She works with individuals and couples and teaches mindfulness. She also addresses the challenges of adjusting to life in the Netherlands.

Contact details: 06 4263 6882,

Perspectief Praktijk

The four psychologists – Denise Boumans, Lidewei Chavannes, Dominique Meijssen, and Nina Albisser – work with parents, children and teenagers.  They also counsel adults outside the context of parenthood.

Contact details: Contact form on the website, no direct number

Relationship Therapy Amsterdam

A native of Portugal, clinical psychologist Aurora Meneses Silva has worked and studied in several countries, including the United States and Great Britain. Her practice offers both individual and couples therapy, and a free introductory 15 minute phone consultation.

Contact details: 06 2506 3476,


A practice devoted to supporting and counselling mothers-to-be and mothers of young babies to cope with the stresses and anxieties of motherhood.

Contact details: 06-41392734.  Can also contact via Skype

Cora Koorn

Cora has lived and studied in the UK, and a branch of her work focuses on the strains of expatriate life. She also counsels adolescents and couples.

Contact details:

Cara Crisler

A native English speaker, Cara provides counselling services to individuals looking to get “unstuck,” achieve work-life balance and connect more deeply with others. She also provides sessions for individuals and couples on compassionate communication (aka “NVC”), which helps them deepen connections with each other and their child(ren).

Contact details: Use the contact form or book a Skype call on the website

Kühler & Partners: International Mental Health

A team of psychiatrists and psychologists with clinics in Amsterdam and The Hague offering, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), EMDR, Schema Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, System Therapy, Mentalisation-based Therapy, Acceptance & Commitment therapy (ACT), Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT), Pharmacotherapy. Practices in both Amsterdam and Den Haag. Provide treatment in English, Dutch, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Italian, Afrikaans, and Japanese.

Contact details: Amsterdam 085 066 05 00, Den Haag 085 066 05 00, Contact form on website

The Expat Counseling Center

Systemic Therapists, Ooshani Suma, Dana Popa, and Jessica Lohrmann offers individual, couple, family counselling to the international community. Also, run mindfulness and ‘The art of living abroad’ workshops and Locations in Amsterdam and Leiden. Treatment offered in English, Dutch, German and Romanian. Session via Skype available.

Contact details: 085 303 4368,

Psyche en Zwangerschap

A referral portal to assist women who are pregnant, new mums or trying to conceive and are experiencing anxiety and mental health issues to connect with a psychologist or other appropriate mental health service.

Contact details: registration form available on the website

Alessandra Sichi

Psychologist and an integrative therapist offering treatment in English, Dutch, Italian and Spanish.

Contact details: 06-44 190 172, 

Your Therapist Abroad

Licenced clinical social worker, Robin Roberts, offers individual and couple counselling as well as Skype sessions.

Contact details: 0628966651,

Joana Moreira

Social psychologist and certified psychodramatist, offering individual and group counselling, workshops and coaching. Treatment offered in both English and Portuguese.

Contact details:

Pause Psychology

Australian clinical psychologist, Sarah Craig, offers individual therapy and couple counselling. Online sessions are also available.

Contact details: 06 300 818 80, contact form online

This list has been compiled from the recommendations of our members on the Amsterdam Mamas Facebook group, and is updated periodically.