Chocolate! We love it! And these are our favourite chocolatiers in Amsterdam.


Dutch Homemade
Haarlemmerstraat 122
Vijzelstraat 69
Oude  hoogstraat

Patisserie Kuyt
Utrechtsestraat 109-111

They make their own chocolates in an amazing variety and the size is smaller than a standard choc, so you can pick and eat more tastes! Quality is very high, Kuyt is a very famous patisserie and everything is made there.

Tearoom: Huidenstraat 12

Staalstraat 17
Singel 184

There simply is NO other chocolate worth buying!

Puccini quality wise is top, his only complain is in the size. The chocs are so big that after 2 or 3 you cannot go on.

The chocolate covered mango slices are worth going back for.

Van Soest
Utrechtsestraat 143



Hazenstraat 25-A

Big selection and helpful people behind the counter.

A hidden gem with a wide collection of interesting chocolate types. Very friendly and well informed staff too.

I can really recommend amedei porcelana yumm!



Tout Patisserie
Maasstraat 105

An amazing chocolate store with “different” flavours like sea-salt, rosemary, lavender.



Mauritskade 55



Candela Chocolaterie
Bilderdijkstraat 61

True heaven!



Arti Choc
Koninginneweg 141

The best chocolatier I know in Amsterdam. It’s expensive for the big stuff but the most amazing easter chocolates (and every time of year chocolates)

Oh my what a lovely shop!! So many wonderful moulded chocolates and so dangerously clise to my home!

Disclaimer: Recommendations on the list are in no particular order. The overall opinion of the Mamas on the Facebook group has been copied and pasted and only slightly adapted for the article.

photo credit: Kent Wang via Flickr cc