How do you pull off a children’s birthday party at home?  How about a professional entertainer who will delight you and your young guests? Here are the Amsterdam Mamas’ recommendations to help make your child’s birthday a memorable one. Relax and enjoy the party!

Party Service Providers

These entertainment companies’ services include arts & crafts, dancing, picnics or mini-sports. Outsource the hassle.

Baby Sensory : ♦ Winner of the 2017 Amsterdam Mamas Recommend Award for Best Children Party Services, Baby Sensory will help you design a theme and bring their magic to your home or party venue. 

GK Moments: Full-service planner for your child’s birthday party! Happy children and a happy mom with minimal prep work.

Kidz Club Entertainment: Amsterdam Mama Kristi offers plenty of options that can be hosted at home or she can recommend a location to rent. Mini-disco or a Teddy Bears’ Picnic (ages 2 – 6 years), Bouncy Bunch (ages 6 months – 4 years),  Mini Disco (ages 2 – 9 years), or Mini Sports Day (ages 3 – 8 years).

LaBelleDame: Yvonne does wonderful bubble parties, which are very reasonably priced. It’s great to see the kids running around making gigantic bubbles with sticks and ropes. She also makes her own glass jewellery which she gives out at the parties. 

Little Star Fitness: Run by Amsterdam Mama Michelle, Little Star Fitness arrange for a dance or sports teacher to come to your home or help you find a suitable location. You can also choose to have a your party indoors or outdoors (ages 2-12 years).

Mariposa Vlinder: Amsterdam Mama Elvira provides a fun arts & crafts party for children and organizes games for the children. A variety of themes is possible.



These clowns come as various characters to help match your child’s birthday theme.

Huureenclown  and Huureentypetje: offer a choice of clowns depending on your wishes. Pirates will play games, do magical tricks, and make swords made from balloons. Tante (aunt) comes colorfully dressed up and entertains the children with stories, glitter tattoos, nail polish, and face painting.

Clown Ellebel: Ellebel does magic tricks with a storybook, balloon modeling, and sings along with the kids.

Coco Christal  What a funny clown! He does magic tricks with real animals and models balloons for the children. 


Cookery Lessons

Kinderfornuis: Create your own high tea (6-9 years) or a dinner party (9 years+) by having your young guests cook their own dishes! All you need is a kitchen; the party chef will bring the main ingredients and aprons. The children will enjoy eating their food and complimenting the many chefs!


Face Painting

You will be delighted with the colorful and creatively painted faces at your children’s party. 

Jon Face Paint Stuff: A very popular choice. Mamas report that their children were very happy with their painted faces and glitter tattoos.

Happy Shiny Faces: Super-happy painted faces all round.




All you need is a table and chairs for all your young guests; the magician will bring the rest. Highly interactive, the magician shows the kids the magic tricks, reveals the secret and then watches them practice. After the party, the children will have created their very own box with the magic tricks they learned. Magic tricks are adapted for different age groups.

Circus Kristal: It is endless fun watching them show off their newly learned magic tricks.


Magicians that will wow your children and keep you guests and parents highly entertained!

Fritz Magic: Hugely popular with the Amsterdam Mamas, you will be talking about his magic performance way after the party has ended.

Rogier: Visit his Facebook page and watch his card tricks! 

Dennis: Fun magic tricks with audience participation.


Other Party Services

De KinderfeestwinkelLocated in the Pijp district, this store stocks costumes, decorations, favors, and more.

This list has been compiled from the recommendations of our members on the Amsterdam Mamas Facebook Page

Margaret Smet

Margaret Smet moved with her family to New York when she was a child. The desire to discover and explore led her to move to the Netherlands at the end of 2000 for a career opportunity. She is a mama and the author of Exploring Amsterdam from A to Z. You can find out more about her on LinkedIn.