Need a place to party? Amsterdam is bursting with great venues for children. Here are the top picks from the Amsterdam Mamas Facebook group. Links updated as of January 2020.


Museums: Most museums offer art parties suitable for children aged 6+. Check out the Rijk’s Museum and the Van Gogh Museum in Oud Zuid, the Tassen Museum in Centrum, and the Cobra Museum in Amstelveen (7+).

My Little Van Gogh: (Zuid) Lovely room on the Amstelveenseweg where the owner can run an Arty Party for up to 10 children aged 1-6. Guests work their way round four different art areas. No need for party bags as they make their own take-home creation. The room is decorated for you, and art-themed refreshments can also be arranged.
Winner of AMR Awards 2018 Best Younger Child Class (4-8 years old)



CircusKinderfeestje: (Noord) The children can opt for magic lessons, circus skills or both. Located at the NDSM wharf.


Crafts and Cookery

Workshop Gezellig: This is workshop party set up where groups of 8 are allowed to make their own soft toy either with hand-sewing or machine. Supervisors are always on hand to teach and guide. Participants should be within 6-16 age groups.

Kinderkookkafe: (West) If you have a budding young chef in the family, let them develop their skills at the Kinderkookkafe, where the kids are the cooks. Located next to the Vondelpark, the venue offers loads of party options, including crafting, pizza making, and high tea. They also have a small outdoor playground, where the kids can let off steam.
Winner of AMR Awards 2018: Best Day Out (Indoors) for Families

Maakland: (Oost) Loads of party options here including cooking, den-building, animal care, and rocket-making. Jeugdland itself is one big adventure playground, which the party – if you can keep them together – will love. Located in Flevopark.

Lucie’s Amsterdam: (Centrum) Lucie’s is a boutique, right in the heart of Amsterdam, which sells home accessories and jewellery. They offer parties where kids can make necklaces from a selection of stones from the store. The guests go home wearing a wish bracelet. The idea is that when it comes off, their wish will come true. This party was well received by both boys and girls, and includes snacks and drinks in the cost. 

Stip & Tijger: (Centrum) If your child likes cooking, singing, carpentry, or another creative activity, you can have a themed birthday party in this child-friendly space.

Woeste Westen: (West) Survival skills, cooking and crafts in the open air. (See Sports and Action below).

Zomerbloemenpluktuin: (Amstelveen) Huge range of craft workshops on offer. Kids bring their creations home with them. And there’s flower-picking too, of course! Lots of catering options, including cake decorating, pancakes, or even a special kids’ high tea.


Drama and Dance

Damoves Peuter en Kleuter Dans: Dans Peuter/Kleuter Dans rent out their studio in the Pijp. Bring your own colourful tablecloth, food, drinks and decoration and book a dance teacher for a one hour dance class.

Opera Ballet: The National Opera and Ballet runs parties for groups where they are taught and then perform either The Little Mermaid or The Nutcracker and Mouse King with light, decor and costumes.

Toverknol: (Centrum) A friendly little children’s theatre where the kids can dress up, watch a performance, and then dance, open presents, and eat cake. Performances are fun and interactive but require a basic level of Dutch. There is an option to book the whole theatre for your party and get a private performance. Best for children aged 2-9.

Wladimir Dance Studios: (Jordaan) This friendly studio offers dance parties for children aged 4+. The enthusiastic teacher gives a lesson based on your child’s favourite type of dance and music. At the end of the lesson, the children perform for the parents, who can hang out during the party and watch the lesson from the glass-walled café adjacent to the studio. The kids can have snacks and a drink in a party room which is decorated for you. You can bring your own food too – just ask. The studio is available for hire if you wish to extend the party.


Farms and Outdoors

Amsterdamse Bos: This enormous park at the edge of Amsterdam city includes options within the Bos for treasure hunts and nature excursions, goat farm, Geitenboerderij Ridammerhoeve and traditional pancakes at the Pannenkoekenboerderij Meerzicht. The Fun Forest climbing park and Mini Captain boat trips offer diverse opportunities to celebrate the perfect birthday parties.
♦Consecutive winners of Amsterdam Mamas’ Awards 2018 for Best Children’s Party Location, Best Children’s Party Services Provider, Best Day Out (Outdoors) for Families.

City FarmsSnuggle with the animals at your local city farm. There are party rooms in the kinderboederij at De Dierencapel in the Harlemmerbuurt, Stadsboerderij Zimmerhoeve in De Baarsjes (see Emmy’s article for more information), Kinderboederij De Werf in Watergraafsmeer, and in the Westerpark.

Clara Maria Cheese Farm and Clog Factory: (Amstelveen) What could be more Dutch? The children help out with various activities in the farm, whatever the weather.

Juedgland Maakland: (Oost) Great for an outdoors party. See Crafts and Cookery above.
Honourable mention for
 Amsterdam Mamas’ Awards 2018 for Best Children’s Party Location.


Sport and Action

Baby Sensory: (Zuid) Baby Sensory and its programme for toddlers, Toddler Sense, offer a party package full of adventure that includes free play, a structured activity (gym, dancing, music, etc), and time for singing happy birthday.

Buenting: (Amstelveen) Great venue if your child likes sport, dancing or martial arts. You can bring your own food and cake.

Candy Castle Speelparadijs: An indoor wonderland for children. Party rooms available, fully catered.
Winner of AMR Awards 2018: Best Soft Play/Indoor Playground, Best Day Out (Indoors) for Families

Feest Voor Boeftjes: Select from various themes for a children’s party at home. For instance, the jungle theme comes with costumes, games and other fun things. For ages 4-10.

Friends Call Me Jim: Get ready for 2 hours of fun and movement in either the Lightscape or Playscape studio. Snacks provided and you can bring your own cake.
Winner of AMR Awards 2018: Best Toddler Class (2 to 4 years old), Best Younger Child Class (4-8 years old) 

Fun Forest: (Buitenveldert) Located in the Amsterdamse Bos. Best for kids aged 7+. Active parties with a choice of formats, including stand-up paddle-boarding, treasure hunts, and climbing. It’s handy if some of the parents stay around to help.

Glow Golf: (Centrum) Walking distance from Central Station, Glow Golf offers putting parties in semi-darkness. Get the kids to wear white to make it more fun.

Jimmy’s Speelparadijs: Equipped with a real original English double decker Smulbus, this indoor playground includes the climbing castle, go-karts, the Roller Planet roller disco and full catering!

Jumpsquare: Trampoline, dodge and jumping action. 

Klim Muur: (Centrum) Climbing wall with instructors close to Centraal Station. Pancakes, drinks and a certificate included.

Knijn Bowling: (Rivierenbuurt) Great for older kids. The party package comprises bowling, food, games, singing and a disco. For younger kids, you can book bumpers to help them channel the balls.

The Little Gym:  (Buitenveldert) A fun, high-energy option for kids aged 1-12, located close to the Amstel Park. The venue provides the invitations and decorations and two instructors oversee the gymnastics. Weekends only. Book ahead.

Mountain Network: (West) A climbing party for children aged 7+, located a short walk from the Erasmuspark. Professional instructors ensure 1.5 hours of fun climbing a 16-metre climbing wall and a ‘boulder’ room. 

De Natureluur: (Nieuw West) For an outdoors party with a choice of adventurous themes, this place is great. Suitable for 4-12-year-olds, with different formats for different age groups.

PowerzoneLaser tag parties (option to include bowling!) for groups of children from the age of 8 years in an enormous arena with a surface or no less than 450 m².

Raceplanet: Sounds unbelievable, but this racetrack is an awesome party for kids of more than 10 years old. They can drive a race car—fully supervised, of course!

Sports4Kidz: Parties of more than 90 minutes for super active children with sports and catering.

Sportscentrum Universum: (Oost) Hire a room and organise your own sports party.

Spyactive: Hire a group of professionals to set up a mission in your home and outside for burgeoning spy detectives! The kit comes with top secret mission files with important information and instructions. You can either choose to have Spyactive set up in your home or a location of your choice.

Tunfun: (Centrum) A kid’s paradise for 1-12-year-olds. Located near the Waterlooplein. Children can climb, slide and bounce their way around this former metro station and then eat poffertjes and birthday cake to refuel. There are various party packages available, including street dance, beauty salon, laser game, and pirate.
♦Honourable mention of AMR Awards 2018: Best Soft Play/Indoor Playground.

Vrog: (Oost) Friendly, thoughtful owners offer great trampolining parties with party packages that include decorations, drinks, food and a birthday cake. There is a nice café for the parents to hang out while a trainer supervises the children. For 12 years+, you can also book a Freerunning party.

VR Gamehouse:  For groups of up to 12 children from 7 years and up, this virtual reality gamehouse offers different packages for parties. Supervisors educate and service the entire group with instructions, challenges and snacks.

Woeste Westen: (West) A great outdoor setting, close to the Westerpark, with a range of exciting packages for children aged 5-12. The emphasis is on learning practical skills in the open air but there are also plenty of bad weather options such as cooking pancakes and making jewellery.


Good for Toddlers

Baby Sensory: (Zuid) See Sport and Action section above. Baby Sensory offers a party package that includes free play, a structured activity (dancing, music, gym, etc), and time for singing happy birthday.

Messy Play: (West) Parties of 8-15 toddlers get to make a huge, happy mess in this brilliant concept in Bos en Lommer. Option to rent an extra room next door (at a bargain price) if you want to put on some food. 

My Little Van Gogh: (Zuid) See Art section above. 



Dierenhotel Pocahondas: (Nieuw West) this animal hotel also offers children’s parties. There are English-speakers on hand. The party package includes food and drink, a tour of the hotel, learning how to care for the animals, time for photos with your favourite animal, and an activity such as a treasure hunt, quiz, or colouring.

Pannenkoekenboot: (Noord) On the NDSM wharf, is a boat with a ball pool, which offers 75-minute party cruises for kids aged 3-12 years. The package includes pancakes, ice cream and drinks, as well as a visit to the cockpit and a gift for the birthday boy/girl.


Rooms for Hire

Just need a room? Here are the Mamas’ favourites.

Noorderspeeltuin: (Jordaan) Affordable room for hire. You can bring your own food and entertainment.

Robbeburg(Rivierenbuurt) Outside of their normal operating hours, the venue (and garden) of this international playgroup are for hire. The playgroup has a small kitchen, a seated area for the adults to relax, and a ball pool, toys, and a slide for the children. There are special child-sized loos and a baby-changing area. Best suited to children aged 5 and under. Note: The garden at Robbeburg cannot be used at the weekends. Book ahead as this venue is a popular choice.

Speeltuin Amstelpark: (Buitenveldert) This park has a free playground and petting zoo, as well as various fun activities for children for which you purchase coins at the snack bar. There are menus available for children’s parties and you can ask to bring your own cake.

Speeltuin Wittenburg: (Eastern Docklands) The building at the playground has its own kitchen can be rented extremely cheaply. There is plenty of room to run around inside during wet weather. The playground is huge and has a zipwire, trampoline and other fun apparatus. 

The Mamas Recommend is a series generated from responses on our Facebook page from multiple sources. The opinions are representative of the individuals who contributed to it and not of Stichting Amsterdam Mamas.