This episode covers everything you need to know about choosing a secondary school education in the Netherlands, or at least in Amsterdam. We examine the streaming system, CITO exam, and some aspects of the process that are unique to Amsterdam.

We talk with a couple of Group 8 students in Amsterdam who are in the middle of touring potential secondary schools, and hear their perspectives on the entire process. 

We also hear from local blogger, Sarah Familia, about what it’s like as a parent to navigate the secondary school choice matrix with your child.

For our last interview of this episode, we sit down with Annebet Van Mameren of New2NL. Annebet is well known in the community for helping parents navigate the Dutch Education system. She discusses the CITO exam, and the debates surrounding the secondary education streaming system. We also hear about issues that are particular to the process in Amsterdam.    

Even in a highly educated country with competitive international rankings and with happy kids, education is still an imperfect, complex affair. This episode is a must for anyone navigating the Dutch Education system.   

Show Notes

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Image credit: Sarah Familia

Katherine Perretta