In this episode, we kick off our third season and introduce our new co-host, Katherine Perretta, as well as some new segments. We hand the mic over to our director, Emmy McCarthy, to talk about whatever she wants for five minutes or less — and we find out her thoughts on her original “business plan” for Amsterdam Mamas, five years later. Finally, we kick off a listener question series, but this time co-host Donna Bardsley starts off with a question for our listeners: should she get her 13-year-old a smartphone? 

Show Notes

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This season we’re looking for content for the podcast and we want to feature you —  tell your stories and find out what it’s like for your family living in Amsterdam and the Netherlands.

We’re looking to hear from:

Single parents

Families who have recently moved to the Netherlands

Families with special needs

OR if there’s any other aspect that you feels makes your family unique, we’d love to hear from you.

We’re looking for both long form stories, short anecdotes, or just a quick statement about the advantages or disadvantages of living in the city with your family’s particular needs. If you can help us, please send us an email at

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Donna Bardsley

Donna Bardsley is the travel-loving mother of three homebodies who hate to leave the house. After living in Amsterdam for six years, she has recently moved her family back to the US where she is experiencing all the joys of reverse culture shock.