Are you new to Amsterdam and looking for fun things to do with your children? Or have your children outgrown some of their old favorites? Maybe you’ve lived here for a long time but are curious about what other families do in their free time.  Either way, we’ve got you covered!

On this final episode of season 2, we ask experts from our community and from our Amsterdam Mamas’ team about their favorite things to do in Amsterdam with kids.   

Amsterdam is bursting with parks, playgrounds, activities, and events for families to enjoy year-round.  We consulted each expert about activities and events that are specifically located in Amsterdam and free, low cost, or well worth the price of admission.    

All of our contributors share what they enjoy about each place and provide basic information.  That way, you can determine if it is a good a good fit for your kid’s ages and interests.

You will hear favorite activities and events from the following community experts:

  • Becky Russell, Author of PLAY! Amsterdam
  • Katherine Perretta, Amsterdam Mamas Podcast Co-Showrunner and Producer
  • Emmy McCarthy, Managing Director of Amsterdam Mamas
  • Julie Gevrenov, Co-founder of the Urban Mama App
  • Kania Krisnanto, Amsterdam Mamas Weekend Roundup Coordinator
  • Barb Fine, Amsterdam Mamas Activities Coordinator
  • Margaret Smet, Author of Exploring Amsterdam From A to Z
  • Donna Bardsley, Amsterdam Mamas Web Manager and Podcast Showrunner
  • Media Donyadari-van Westering, Amsterdam Mamas Partnership Manager

Although there are many fabulous classes and extracurricular activities available in Amsterdam, they are not included in this episode because the landscape changes so rapidly that we couldn’t possibly keep it up to date.  Please visit the Amsterdam Mamas website for more information regarding classes and extracurriculars.  

So what is your favorite thing to do in Amsterdam with kids? Share your comments on our Facebook page!


Show Notes:


Woeste Westen


Artis Zoo


Amsterdam Mamas article: A Day Out in de Natureluur



King’s Day Guide

Boat rental options

Amsterdamse Bos


Nemo Science Center

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photo credit: Donna Bardsley

Katherine Perretta