In part two of our education series, we explore new and interesting innovations in Amsterdam. We’re featuring two movers and shakers in the field of education, who also happen to members of the Amsterdam Mamas community. We talk with Jessika Lynch from TEDxAmsterdamEd, and then with Dylan Hyman about her new school, Spring High, opening in the Fall of this year.

Jessika Lynch is the founder and curator of TEDxAmsterdamEd. The fourth edition of TEDxAmsterdamED, with the theme ‘Born To Learn’, will be held on April 20th, 2016. Topics we discuss include:

  • What is the mission of TEDxAmsterdamEd
  • Some examples of speakers and topics from this year’s conference
  • How education has the potential to become more personalized
  • How technology can be a complicated issue in the classroom
  • How and why TEDxAmsterdamEd tries to promote innovation in education


Dylan Hyman is teacher and education developer, specializing in gifted education and enrichment. In 2015, she gave a presentation at the TEDxAmsterdamEd conference and in the Fall of 2016 will open a new school, Spring High, in Amsterdam Nieuwe West. We talk about: 

  • The weaknesses in the Dutch education system, and especially within the secondary school streaming process, that led to a change in Dylan’s approach to education
  • Examples of how higher-order thinking can and should be implemented in the classroom
  • How the Day a Week School works
  • An experience with a student that led to an “aha moment” for Dylan
  • The experience of participating in the Onze Nieuwe School competition
  • What was surprising about the process of starting a school
  • How Spring High came to fruition outside of the competition
  • The concept behind Spring High
  • What NOT to give your child’s teacher 

Show Notes:

Episode #4: How to Grow a Village in the City (panel discussion with Facebook group admin team)

Donna’s interview on the Amsterdam Academy Podcast


Dylan Hyman’s TEDxAmsterdamEd 2015 presentation

20%TijdNL Facebook page

Find Dylan on Twitter: @DylanHyman

Spring High

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