Conversations about healthcare in the Netherlands

In this episode, we discuss healthcare and giving birth in the Netherlands. Jolanda de Bie, a healthcare researcher, talks about three important aspects of Dutch healthcare: medical insurance, GP’s, and cultural expectations. Mari Gordon, a certified doula, goes over some common myths and misconceptions about giving birth in the Netherlands. We also hear from Amsterdam Mama Barbara Fine, about a surprising house visit.


In regard to the Dutch healthcare system, we discuss:

  • Why health insurance is mandatory
  • Basic insurance coverage and additional insurance options
  • What are the costs for children?
  • How to compare and shop for insurance plans
  • When you can change your insurance plan or company
  • How to find a GP
  • The role the GP plays in the Dutch healthcare system
  • What to do once you’ve found a GP in your neighborhood
  • The beauty and frustrations of the referral system
  • What the Consultatie Bureau does
  • Things to know to have a better experience in the Dutch healthcare system
  • Why the Netherlands is a low prescriber of antibiotics
  • What outcomes the Dutch healthcare system is geared towards


Giving birth in the Netherlands:

  • Do you have to give birth at home?
  • What is the kraampakket?
  • How many births take place at home in the Netherlands?
  • What are the options for pain medication?
  • Do you have to use a midwife? When can you use an OB?
  • How soon after giving birth do you get sent home?
  • Why is the kraamzorg so amazing?


Show Notes: 

Compare insurance providers and plans at Consumentenbond

Find a doctor at Zorgkaartnederland

The Birth Partner, by Peggy Simkin

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