As a supporter of access to financial services for all, I cannot stress enough the importance of financial education and learning to save money. – Queen Máxima

Do you struggle to talk to your child about money? Have you thought about the financial skills and lessons that your child needs to learn? Is pocket money something you wonder how to best implement?

In this episode, we talk to Bianca Isaincu from Child and Youth Finance International about the importance of talking to kids about money. Topics we discuss include: 

  • How your beliefs about money as a parent can affect your children
  • Tips on how to introduce the concept of money to your children from a young age
  • Guidelines for establishing pocket money spending
  • The need for practical financial tools for children
  • What is Global Money Week and how your family can get involved

Child and Youth Finance International is a global organization based in Amsterdam, focused on economic citizenship education for children.

Global Money Week is financial celebration initiative of CYFI and takes place from March 14-20, 2016. The theme this year is “Take Part. Save Smart!” For more information on how you can participate, see the show notes below.

Show Notes:

Global Money Week

GMW in the Netherlands: Week van het Geld (in Dutch)

GMW Toolkit for parents and guardians (PDF)

CYFI Guide to Economic Citizenship Education (PDF)

Child and Youth Finance International

Article on Amsterdam Mamas Meet Otly!: The App for Managing Pocket Money

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