It’s hard to avoid the noise of city life. But maybe it’s not all bad….


In this episode, we feature a brand-new podcast in town. We’re happy to partner with the Amsterdam Academy’s podcast, and bring you an interview from their launch episode: an interview with UVA sociology Professor Christian Broer on the effects of city noise on our well-being. Then we’ll share some audio clips from the AM Spooktacular Parade in Vondelpark recently, with a few hundred or so families, some of whom tried to answer the question: where are you from? It was a spooky, fun, and loud morning.


Some of the topics covered:


  • The difference culture makes in how we perceive environmental disturbances

  • And how politics plays into it

  • The clash of interests and democratic privilege

  • How language influences us

  • Is the Netherlands more annoyed as a country than others?

  • What is bio-citizenship?

  • The variety in the experience of sound

  • Trends in Political Sociology​​

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Show Notes:

Amsterdam Academy



On an upcoming episode, we’ll be featuring a variety of stories about the ways that Amsterdam Mamas has had an impact on the lives of our members.

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Donna Bardsley

Donna Bardsley is the travel-loving mother of three homebodies who hate to leave the house. After living in Amsterdam for six years, she has recently moved her family back to the US where she is experiencing all the joys of reverse culture shock.