For our community, by the community

We don’t know about you, but our lives are busy.
We wish that we had time to sit down and read all the posts in the Amsterdam Mamas Facebook group. We wish that we could find the time to delve deeper into the topics we cover on the website, but things keep happening to eat our time up like laundry and children and life.

Our “me-time” is limited and we know yours is too.
So we set out to find a way to talk about the topics that are grabbing the attention of our families in the city, but in a concise way, that suits your on-the-go lifestyle.

Introducing the Amsterdam Mamas Podcast, the voice of our community, for the community, by the community.

You can listen to the Amsterdam Mamas Podcast wherever you are, whatever you’re doing and whenever you have time to do so, walking the dog, grabbing groceries, preparing dinner or taking a rare power break for yourself. 


For our first episode, we decided to delve back in time and give you the history of Amsterdam Mamas as it really happened. In this special launch episode, you can find out,


  • How we started.
  • Why we decided to become a foundation.
  • When we didn’t get things right and what we did to change it.
  • Why 2014 was our hardest year yet.
  • Where we are going in the future.
  • What people would be most surprised to learn about Amsterdam Mamas.
  • Why we love our volunteers so very much.
  • As well as what we believe is our greatest achievement so far…

We hope that you enjoy this launch episode. 


P.S. Make sure you listen right to the end to hear some of our blooper-reel. We hope you can tell how much fun we had while we were making this first podcast for you. 



Resources we talk about in this show are: 

The Amsterdam Mamas Facebook Group
The Amsterdam Mamas Website
Volunteer with Amsterdam Mamas

Let us know what you think:

Thanks for listening!

Emmy Coffey McCarthy

Emmy McCarthy was the Director of Stichting Amsterdam Mamas. She is a Mama, Entrepreneur and Connector on a never-ending quest for balance in her life.