Best foot forward! From first steps to seasonal shoes, here is a compilation of the Mamas’ favourite shoe shops for kids in and around Amsterdam.

The Top Five:


Heemstedestraat 40, Zuid

A big thumbs up to this peculiar store in the Hoofddorppleinbuurt. They provide a wide variety of shoes in the middle price range, and are frequently visited by mamas in search of babyslofjes or first-step Bobux shoes. Familius hosts several events throughout the year including spirit-lifting Cuban singing lessons every Wednesday, with sessions for children in the afternoons, and for adults in the evenings with supplementary drinks and snacks.

Open from Monday to Saturday.

I am Eva

Willemstraat 171, Centrum

Reviewed as one of the Jordaan’s hidden gems, I am Eva is a lovely little gift shop owned by fellow mama Eva Puerto Pastor, where mamas and papas can find the oft-recommended Papatitos: seasonal shoes, with a size-range up to 37, directly imported from traditional Spanish manufacturers, and which combine both quality and affordable prices. An enchanting ambiance and excellent assistance make this a favourite within the mamas’ community.

Open from Monday to Saturday.

Meys & Co

Scheldestraat 44, Zuid

With more than 15 years of experience, this highly recommended shop provides all types of shoes and accessories, with brands such as Shoesme, Bergstein, and Timberland, and sizes ranging from 20 to 42. Pricewise they are a bit on the steep side, however this is complemented by their great quality and outstanding customer service.

Open from Monday to Saturday.

Van Haren

Various locations.

One of the biggest shoe retailers in the Netherlands, Van Haren has over 143 branches, 12 of which are located within the Amsterdam area. They provide all types of shoes and accessories at inexpensive prices, with the most popular brand for toddlers being Elefanten.

Open daily.


Czaar Peterstraat 141, Oost

This store has been recommended for its niche approach, stocking brands of shoes from France, Italy, Spain, and Denmark. It is especially welcomed by mamas in search of Bardossa first-step shoes. At Zippy’s one can find quality shoes at affordable prices, with sizes up to 41.

Open from Tuesday to Saturday.


Other Recommendations:

Big & Belg

Jan Pieter Heijestraat 83, West & Ferdinand Bolstraat 168, Zuid

Open from Monday to Saturday.

Broer & Zus

Van Woustraat 42, Zuid

Open from Monday to Saturday.

Mets Kinderschoenen

Rembrandtweg 92, Amstelveen

Open daily.

Nelson Schoenen

Various locations

Open daily.


Various locations

Open daily.

Spikes & More

Prinsenstraat 23C, Centrum

Open daily.


Various locations

Open daily.

This article has been compiled from the recommendations of our members on the Amsterdam Mamas Facebook group.

Ana Rial

Ana Rial is a once rigorously-organised scientist from Spain turned into an all-over-the-place mum of two very busy half-Greek boys. She lives in Almere with her husband and kids and dreams about mastering the Dutch language, travelling, and having a personal chef.