Nothing beats a creamy, delicious scoop of ice cream on a warm day. After extensive polling, we bring to you the Mamas’ favourite ice cream parlours in Amsterdam. Bring on the brain freeze!

It was a difficult job, but we have finally managed to reduce all the Amsterdam Mamas’ recommendations into a shortlist of 10 favourite ice cream outlets! It should be noted that the Ijscuypje chain, although not included below, deserves a special mention for featuring among the favourite ice cream stops in multiple districts. Highly recommended.

1. Ijsmanschap

Van Spilbergenstraat 2, West

Reportedly, the first popsicle shop in the Netherlands. Ijsmanschap’s concept started in New York and Tokyo, and arrived at Amsterdam in 2016. Their manifesto describes their philosophy from fair-trade to the simple joys of life! Besides offering a variety of popsicles, they also offer special toppings like crushed mixed nuts and juicy fruits. For coffee-lovers, their favorite supplier is Lot Sixty One. In addition to their main store, they have four more selling points in Amsterdam.

Open Monday to Friday, 13:00-22:00, and 12:00-22:00 at weekends. 

2. IJssalon Da Vinci

Lindenlaan 145, Amstelveen

If you want your ice cream to be prepared by someone who has an actual university degree in making gelato, then this is the place for you. Rempco, one of the current owners, has a degree from Gelato University in Bologna. Their philosophy is simple and based on quality, taste and experience. Their ice cream comes in 30 different flavours and their sorbets are made with fresh fruit. For extreme indulgence, check out their ice cream cakes and bonbons. They also sell real Italian espresso and other hot beverages. Their ice cream bakfiets is available for hire for parties.

Open daily, 12:00-22:00.

3. Ijssalon Ijskoud de Beste

Meeuwenlaan 331, Noord

Desmond, the mastermind ice cream enthusiast behind the flavours of this shop, has an obsession with making every single product better than the day before. Besides the regular ice cream flavours, you can surprise yourself by finding new tastes every time you visit this shop. You can also create your own ice cream cake and offer suggestions for new (combinations) of tastes. They sell indulgent ice cream sundaes and coffee, including their speciality, the affagato, a delicious coffee-based dessert. You can also hire their five-flavour ce cream carts for events.

Open daily, 11:00-22:00.

4. Jordino

Haarlemmerdijk 25a, Centrum

Feel like seeing some art, but feel like having an ice cream, some chocolate or a pastry as well? Then pay a visit to Jordino: the family business that combines a son’s passion and a father’s experience and has thrived for the past 25 years. Jordino can recreate your favourite Van Gogh painting, hot-brand hand-bag, and even your own logo into edible chocolate, pastry, or bonbon, to name a few – all gorgeous and all delicious! Their ice cream, in particular, has stayed loyal to the original receipe and uses real vanilla beans from Madagascar and dark chocolate from Ecuador.

Open Tuesday-Saturday, 10:00-18:30; Sunday-Monday, 13:00-18:30.

5. Massimo IJsfabriek

Van Ostadestraat 147, Centrum

This newly-opened ice cream shop has been celebrated all over social media, spreading the word about its unique taste. The organic ingredients are imported from Italy (mainly through the owner’s relatives), but the receipes are from his “nonna”.  The salon’s motto is: Happiness cannot be bought, but an ice cream can for sure!

Open daily,12:00-22:00.

6. Monte Pelmo Ijs

Tweede Anjeliersdwarsstraat 17, Centrum

Monte Pelmo, founded in the 1960s, is one of the oldest ice cream shops in the Netherlands. Today, they have branched out to different shops with different specialties. If you want to join them as a colleague at the store or start your own shop, they are eager to hear from you! Are you allergic to nuts or are you just very curious about the ingredients of your ice cream? Then take a look at their long list of ice creams which details the main ingredients very clearly. For children under 12, they have a special offer where a scoop is only €0.50.

Open daily, 13:00-22:00.

7. Mr and Mrs Frosty

Christiaan Huygensplein 9, Oost

This artisan duo use all natural ingredients in their ice creams and ice cream cakes. Their impressive photo gallery makes you feel like throwing a random party just to order one of their cakes! Try their zabaione for an original Italian taste, or order one of their mobile freezers with three flavours for your outdoor party.

From March-September, open daily from 12:00. Check website for low-season opening times.

8. Patagonias Ijs

Johannes Calvijnlaan 12, Amstelveen

The all-female management team of this ice cream shop invites its customers to contemplate on a very simple yet essential question, “Why is quality food important for quality life?” Their homemade products make your experience enjoyable and healthy. Fresh pineapple, papaya, passion fruit, mango and guava are used in their fruity products. You can order your favourites online and have them delivered immediately.

Open daily, 12:00-22:00.

9. Pisa Ijs

Scheldeplein 22, Zuid

Since 1935, this modest ice cream shop has offered a variety of 60 flavours and tastes throughout changing seasons. With a terrace and longer opening hours, Pisa Ijs is amongst the most visited places around the Rai, where according to their Facebook tags, a lot of love-birds take selfies. You might have to stand in line, but it’s all worthwhile.

Open 12:00-24:00. 

10. Verona Gelati

Tussen Meer 331, Nieuw-West

A family place where there is something for everyone, including ice cream, fries and coffee. With 40 years of experience, this shop offers homemade ice cream and sorbet, as well as ice cream cakes for special occasions like Easter and Christmas. Ice cream carts are also available for weddings and parties.

Open Tuesday-Saturday, 12:00-22:00; Sunday, 13:00-22:00. Check website for low-season opening times.

This list has been compiled from the recommendations of our members on the Amsterdam Mamas Facebook group and does not reflect the views or opinions of Stichting Amsterdam Mamas. The information is current as of the date of publication.

Somaye Dehban

Somaye Dehban is a Dutch-Iranian connector-fundraiser who enjoys writing about various subjects: from multi-year proposals for the EU, to theater reviews for BroadwayWorld, to an article-series entitled Personal is Political. Somaye currently works for War Child as Senior Advisor Programs-Foundations and lives with her two sons.