Amsterdam is a city where you find amazing pancakes…which is no surprise because Amsterdammers just can’t get enough of them! Read on for the best pancake options in town.

The Dutch pannenkoek is much larger and thinner than the American pancake, however, they are not as thin as French crepes. What’s also special is that instead of just being a breakfast dish, like in some countries, Dutch pancakes are mostly served as a main course at dinner time. In fact, it is very traditional to serve them during birthdays, and they are always a big hit.

Given the Dutch love of pancakes, the city of Amsterdam is full of really good pancake restaurants; each with their own unique recipes and special ‘twists’. You will find traditional pannekoeken, poffertjes (miniature puffy pankcakes), American pancakes, crêpes, and waffles – plain or jazzed up with toppings like bacon, apple, goat cheese, truffles, etc.

To help you narrow down your list of must-visit pancake restaurants in Amsterdam, here are the places that I highly recommend you try.

1.  The Pancake Bakery 

Prinsengracht 191

This establishment is one of the oldest in Amsterdam and still makes delicious pancakes. It was established in 1973 and continues to have a very loyal following of both locals and tourists. Some of their customers travel several miles and then wait in line to have a taste of their original pancakes.

You can expect a daily queue at The Pancake Bakery. The bakery itself looks amazing, with its 17th-century construction, but what everyone is after are the restaurant’s whopping pancakes that are available in several flavor combinations. You can order simple pancakes, as well as ones that have whipped cream, cherries, cinnamon, and other toppings.  

2. Pancakes! Amsterdam

Berenstraat 38, Prins Hendrikkade 48, Prinsengracht 277

This restaurant is perfect for those who want their entire family to have delicious pancakes for breakfast. It has a very cozy atmosphere which makes it heel gezellig for a meal with friends and family. The restaurant also prides itself in its very lengthy menu and abundant choices. In addition to the traditional Dutch pancakes, you also find American pancakes, Mücver from Turkey, and the Russian Blini!

3. De Pannekoekkelder

Sint Luciensteeg 15

This unique pancake restaurant serves up pancake pizzas. Yes, you read that right – a pancake and pizza combined into one! With more than 70 items on the menu, you will surely have a blast eating a wide assortment of delicious pancake pizzas. If you want to be even more adventurous, you can try making your own pancake pizza with a choice of toppings that best suit your palate and your personality.

4. The Japanese Pancake World 

Tweede Egelantiersdwarsstraat 24a

For something unique and delicious, you should head to the Japanese Pancake World for pancakes that are full of unusual goodies. Unlike the traditional Dutch or the American-style pancakes, you can come here for the Osaka Deluxe. Also known as the “okonimiyaki”, this pancake contains jumbo shrimps, pork, scallops, cheese, and an assortment of exotic ingredients, making it nothing short of a culinary super adventure. Be prepared to use your chopsticks when eating here and make sure that your tummy is ready for a very hearty meal.

5. Pannenkoekenboot 

Ms. van Riemsdijkweg

If you want to eat your pancakes while enjoying beautiful views of the city, then I suggest you dine on the famous Pancake Boat. This floating restaurant will take you on a tour of the canals while you enjoy a stack of delicious pancakes. The boat is docked at the NDSM wharf; if you choose the 75-minute cruise, you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy a good sail and an endless supply of pancakes. Tickets are available on the boat deck, or on the restaurant’s website. This restaurant is ideal for family trips, children’s parties, or for whenever you want to have a romantic time with your partner, on the water, with good old fashioned food. Please check the restaurant’s website for availability.

6. Bakers & Roasters 

Kadijksplein 16, Eerste Jacob van Campenstraat 54

This restaurant offers several delicious dishes that are very popular in Amsterdam and it’s lunch menu has received great reviews. For pancake lovers however, Bakers & Roasters makes one of the best American-style pancake stacks in the city! Be prepared for delicious pancakes with a side of bacon, and a generous serving of luscious Canadian maple syrup. And to top it off, this restaurant is also famous for its impressive, flat white coffee.

7. Crêperie Le Berger

Haarlemmerstraat 20

If you want crêpes then this is the address for you. This restaurant is especially enjoyable for those who like pesto, basil, sun-dried tomatoes, and goat cheese. The thin crepes and decadent toppings will satiate your refined, delicate flavour cravings. You can choose from a wide array of crepes at this restaurant – they have sweet crepes as well as savory ones. According to many locals, this is where you get the best crêpes in the city. For crêpe lovers, this should be at to the top of your list of pancake restaurants in the city.

8. Boerderij Meerzicht 

Koenenkade 56

Do you enjoy pancakes with a Mediterranean twist? If yes, then you should head to this restaurant and get the Kebab pancake with delicious garlic sauce. In addition to Kebab pancake masterpiece, you should also try their own version of the traditional Dutch or American-style pancakes. The restaurant is located near the edge of the city park on Lakeview farm, making it a wonderful spot for children to see and interact with different animals like deer, peacocks, and goats. It’s an ideal place to go to for family outings.

9. Lunchroom Downtown 

Reguliersdwarsstraat 31

If traditional Dutch pancakes are your thing, then you’ll definitely love going to the Lunchroom Downtown. They offer amazing Dutch mini pancakes, also called poffertjes – so delicious and decadent that you can eat them by the dozen and not even notice! This restaurant is also Amsterdam’s first openly gay café and has an amazing ambience.

10. De Carrousel Pannenkoeken 

H.M. van Randwijkplantsoen 1

If you prefer to have pancakes for dessert rather than savory pancakes, then you best head to this restaurant and satisfy your sweet tooth. Built from an old-fashioned carousel, this restaurant is one of Amsterdam’s icons for pancakes and desserts. They also serve fresh Belgian waffles and poffertjes. Make sure to order a hot mug of Chocomel to complete your heartwarming and sweet dining experience.

Image via Niederlandenet on Flickr

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