I am so excited to share the news of what we have been working on recently- Amsterdam Mamas just got the keys to our own office!

As I mentioned in my last behind the scenes update, Amsterdam Mamas is growing up as an organisation. We now have a core team who run AM on a daily basis, and a larger volunteer team performing various roles on a regular or semi-regular basis.

Since the beginning we have always worked as a scattered team: from our homes, at our dining tables, in cafes and sometimes from our sick beds. Occasionally we would meet and catch up. But as Amsterdam Mamas has grown we have found ourselves facing the need to work together more regularly. And we really enjoy it. We like the companionship of working alongside each other and having the ability resolve quick questions in person rather than going through a chain of e-mails. So we decided that if we could manage it, working together would benefit the team and the community as a whole.

As most of you know, space is limited in Amsterdam and often comes at a price that a young non-profit cannot afford. Thankfully, our amazing Amsterdam Mamas community came through for us once again and once we quietly mentioned that we were looking for space, we got a great tip and found a location that is perfect for our organisation. Amsterdam Mamas is joining a community of wellbeing-related businesses on Hygiëastraat, just off Stadionweg. Our neighbours are all businesses dedicated to families, including dieticians, speech therapists, children’s physiotherapists and more. Those of you who attended Baby Sensory or Toddler Sense classes when they first began will already be familiar with the location because that is the new Amsterdam Mamas Head Quarters!


At the moment we are busy preparing the office – there is still a lot to be done – and we will begin gradually moving in over the summer. Right now the office is an empty room with a single plant and one desk.

Our goal is to be fully operational in our new space by the start of the new school year in August. You won’t find the whole team there every day. Amsterdam Mamas will continue to work flexibly as we have always done, so that we can combine the work we do for the parenting community in Amsterdam with our additional responsibilities and family lives.

Nevertheless, having our own office gives the team some stability for their work and demonstrates that Amsterdam Mamas has an established role within our community. It also opens up the door for additional opportunities such as hosting volunteer coffee mornings for those of you who would like to find out more about working with Amsterdam Mamas and similar community events.

As with everything else about Amsterdam Mamas, the way we utilize the new space will evolve organically over time as our needs and the community’s needs grow. We will keep you up to date every step of the way. For now though, we are busy settling in to our new home and we will be back in a few weeks to tell you all about it.  


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Emmy Coffey McCarthy

Emmy McCarthy was the Director of Stichting Amsterdam Mamas. She is a Mama, Entrepreneur and Connector on a never-ending quest for balance in her life.