Birth. It’s a daunting topic to take on because it is so vast, yet so personal. Every birth is unique, every pregnancy is unique so how can you cover the whole topic in a month?

The simple answer is we can’t, but birth is where Amsterdam Mamas began, how every Amsterdam Mama begins. So here we go!

This month on Amsterdam Mamas we will be sharing even more Birth stories From our community, real mums, real births – celebrating the broad range of experiences of people giving birth in the city. We will bring you the details of our favorite midwives and kraamzorgs.

For the uninitiated we will also be sharing the joys of a kraamzorg with you, what is this mythical being who comes to take care of you after the birth all covered by insurance? Amsterdam is filled with support services for birth, doulas, pregnancy yoga, massage, acupuncture, and we will be listing our favorites. There will be an update on one of our most popular articles, shopping for maternity wear in the Netherlands. As well as tips for grandparents who are becoming overseas grandparents for the first time, and so much more. 

Last night, I attended our charity seminar hosted in conjunction with MumKnowsMum. Our speaker, Julie Sharon showed a short video at the end of her talk. In it mothers were asked what they would tell themselves in the days before the birth of their first child. Their answers are funny, poignant and heartwarming. Rather like motherhood. It seems like a good way to begin our birth month, reflections on motherhood. What would you tell yourself?


Welcome to Birth month.

photo credit: Randi Deuro via Flickr cc

Emmy Coffey McCarthy

Emmy McCarthy was the Director of Stichting Amsterdam Mamas. She is a Mama, Entrepreneur and Connector on a never-ending quest for balance in her life.