Legal Advice in the Netherlands: A Round-Up of Resources

January 22, 2018 By Anastasia Drost 0 Comments

Everyone needs legal guidance, information, and assistance from time to time.  Amsterdam Mamas is a virtual treasure trove of information about Dutch law and getting legal help when you need it. 

Below is a convenient roundup of Amsterdam Mamas' most popular articles on legal issues and assistance in the Netherlands. There is even more on our website – take a look!

Getting Legal Aid

Legal Aid in the Netherlands

5 Ways to Get Free or Cheap Legal Advice in Amsterdam

Family Law

The Mamas Recommend: Family Lawyers

How to File for Divorce in the Netherlands, Part 1

How to File for Divorce in the Netherlands, Part 2

Moving With Children After a Divorce

How to Get Help for Domestic Violence in the Netherlands

What Happens When a Parent Dies?

Know Before You Go: Border Control and Solo Parent Travel


Real Estate Law

All About Rent

Renting in Amsterdam: Facts and Questions

Consumer Law

EU Consumer Rights When Buying Online

Consumer Rights in the Netherlands


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