Hey there Amsterdam families! Get ready to dive into the vibrant orange celebrations of King’s Day, the ultimate Dutch birthday bash for the King. This is a day when the whole city bursts into life with markets, music, dance, festivities and plenty of fun activities for everyone, including your very littlest ones!


Embrace the Orange Spirit Together: During King’s Day, orange isn’t just a colour — it’s a symbol of celebration. Dress your family in orange clothes, hats, crowns, or even face paint to join in the fun and show your enthusiasm for the festivities. It’s a great way to blend in with the locals and create lasting memories together!

Navigating King’s Day: First things first, plan your travel wisely. If you want to reach Amsterdam from outside the city, trains are your best option but keep in mind there won’t be any trains to Amsterdam Science Park and Amsterdam RAI. Since the city centre shuts down and people take over the streets, public transport is nearly impossible, metro and walking are your best bet, leave your bike at home or be prepared to walk with it when required. You can conveniently plan your trip right before leaving by using the planner in the GVB app which is also available in English. Don’t forget public transportation is not free during King’s Day.

Market Magic: The city transforms into a ‘giant market’ on King’s Day. From 6:00 to 20:00, you can join the hustle and bustle of endless street markets, spread across the city (and country) where people sell and buy mostly second hand tidbits, homeware, clothes, toys and so much more! There are also special kid-friendly zones where your little entrepreneurs can shine. In fact, children have already begun to mark out their ‘spots’ in the neighbourhood so they are all booked and ready for them to sell their wares on King’s Day, sans competition.

Vondelpark Adventure: Vondelpark is THE place to be for families on King’s Day. Doors will close at 20.00 the night before and open at 9 am, so arrive early to snag a spot for your kids to sell their toys or entertain the crowd with their talents, such as singing, dancing, playing an instrument etc. Don’t forget to bring some spare change for all the goodies you’ll sell or find!

Vondelpark isn’t the only hotspot for family fun… Explore other kid-friendly areas like Amstelveld, Noorderpark, Rembrandtplein, Artisplein, Middenweg or the Westerpark. And if you want to avoid the crowds, steer clear of busy spots like Westerstraat in Jordaan. Check out the designated areas for children on this website (in Dutch).

King’s Day Festivities:
The celebrations aren’t limited to the city centre. Check out in the East/Oost, the Bredeweg Festival for street theatre performances, a free market, music, dance, puppet shows, and live music. This year the festival will also go across the water; the Oranjevrijstraat Square and part of the Oranjevrijstaatkade. Check the times for the performances here: schedule. Or head north to NDSM Vrijhaven for the biggest children’s flea market in Amsterdam, packed with live music, entertainment, workshops, and a variety of food and drink options. Admission is free, so put on your orange outfit and join the fun! If you want a stand for your kid to sell, get a ticket.
For the ‘West crew’, Erasmus Park promises a vibrant atmosphere with a flea market and live music. Throughout the day, visitors can explore the flea market for children and enjoy the live music which begins at noon, check the programma here.

Giving Back: After the festivities, look for kringloop containers throughout the city to donate unsold items to charity shops. It’s a great way to spread kindness and declutter your home at the same time!

Staying Home, Staying Festive:
If you prefer to celebrate indoors, don’t worry… Be sure to hang the Dutch flag outside your house or on a window, stock up on some orange tompouce or bitterballen, and watch the King on TV. There are plenty of exciting ideas and activities to keep the King’s Day spirit alive at home. Check out some fun suggestions here.

Fun fact: Traditionally, King’s Day is celebrated every April 27th since Willem Alexander became king. However, in 2025, King’s Day falls on Saturday, April 26, because King’s Day never competes with a Sunday’s festivities!

Take into account that most shops will be closed during the day, but you can expect large and small neighbourhood supermarkets to be open for business.

Get ready to paint the town orange and create unforgettable memories with your family this King’s Day!


Ana Sofía González

Hailing from Colombia, Ana Sofía ventured to the Netherlands for love and has since embraced Amsterdam as her new home. As a stay-at-home parent, she finds joy in exploring the city's vibrant culture and attractions, continuously discovering its hidden gems and delights.