Looking for a place to donate your used clothing and household items in Amsterdam? Let the Mamas help you! 

When a new season is knocking on the door, I always feel the need to start with a nice organized closet. After a day of cleaning things out, there is always a large pile of clothes and shoes on my bed which have never been worn, or are too small but still in a good condition. The question then is where to bring them? There are many worthy organisations that would love to get your old/never worn clothes, shoes, toys, and other useful products. 

Here are some suggestions from our Facebook community of where to donate clothing and household items:

Het Wereldhuis (English site): Het Wereldhuis provides information, counseling, education, and culture for undocumented migrants – people with few rights searching for new perspectives. You can donate clothes, shoes, and accessories. Please check their list of supplies needed. For their different activities, they are also in need for bedding, blankets, musical instruments, and USB sticks.

De Regenboog Groep (English site): De Regenboog Groep works to improve the lives of those living in (many kinds of) poverty.  Please contact them before donating.

Packmee: Grab a box and stuff it with all your unwanted but useable clothes, shoes, bathroom / kitchen towels, glasses, and even hearing aids. You can give the box to the post office…for free! They will send it to the organisation. Packmee will sell the donated clothes to specialised companies that will sort out the boxed. Most clothes will be worn again and a small amount will be recycled. They say that they give at least 50% of the income to the charities KiKa or Kinderpostzegels. Go here for a complete list of acceptable items. 

Stichting Babyspullen: This foundation collects baby items for low-income parents-to-be. Around the city, red containers are waiting for your donation of baby stuff such as clothes sizes 50 to 92, bottles, and more. In Amsterdam, the containers are at different locations.

Kringloopwinkels: Second-hand stores throughout the city will gladly accept your used clothing and household items. 

Volksbond will pick up clothes you donate, usually the same day.

The Salvation Army and Sympany have clothing collection bins in most neighborhoods. Sympany accepts clothing in worn/threadbare condition for recycling. 

Speelgoedbank: This organisation provides new and used toys to low-income parents in Amsterdam. Check their website for donation days and accepted items

More resources from Amsterdam Mamas:

Our list of recommended children’s consignment shops in Amsterdam. 



These recommendations are brought to you by numerous Amsterdam Mamas and put together by Stephanie Groot, with additions by Donna Bardsley.

Stephanie Groot