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Over the years Amsterdam Mamas has shared stories from community members who want to share their birth stories. We have gathered here some of the stories that feel are particularly relevant to the international community here in Amsterdam. If you have a story you'd like to share (anonymously or not) please contact us - we'd love to hear from you.


The Gift of Giving Birth: A powerful story of a courageous Canadian mother who gave birth after being diagnosed with breast cancer


Birth at 28 Weeks: Courage and strength come in many forms. By sharing the story of her son's birth at 28 weeks, this mama demonstrates her courage and strength delivering a healthy, premature baby boy.


The Expatish Mother Gives Birth: A mama tells her story of IVF to motherhood, including a cautionary tale on the effects of prune juice during birth ... Not for the fain of heart.


An Unexpected Home Birth: Queens Day (now Kingsday), the Netherlands' great party day, was not the ideal time to go into labour, but then ...


Weird in the Ward: A humourous hospital birth, involving heroic pushing and threats of violence ...


An UnexpectedTurn of Events: An unexpected and eventful pregnancy ends with an unexpected surprise!


My Daughter Witnessed the Birth of Her Brother: Would you let your child be present at the birth of their sibling? This mama did and it brought something amazing and uinexpected to the experience.


An Ordinary Day: How to give birth to one child while taking careof another? A home birth was the solution for this mama


An Unexpected Pregnacy and an Unexpected Birth: A mama with PCOS gets pregnant and has some twists and turns to the moment of holding her newborn son


Not to Plan but Perfect: A French mama had planned for a hospital birth but her baby decided to do it the Dutch way and surprised her with a speedy home delivery!


PCOS - A Success Story: Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is a challenge but not a barrier to having a baby




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