Are you looking for a party venue with indoor and outdoor space? Emmy celebrated her preschooler’s birthday at Stadsboerderij Zimmerhoeve in Amsterdam West and found it to be a great solution.

Space for Everyone

When my son turned one we decided not to hold a big birthday party. We just invited four of his little friends and held it at home.

Fast forward a year and, although we were still not going to hold a huge party, we did have more little friends to invite. We could probably have squeezed everyone, and their plus twos (aka parents) in to our Amsterdam-sized apartment but, when I thought of the squeeze and the mess, I decided to come up with a better idea.

My son loves to be outdoors and seemed to enjoy our visits to the various city farms that are scattered throughout the city. I had visited a few and realised that one of our favourites, Stadsboerderij Zimmerhoeve was available for party hire.

Plenty for the Kids to Do

Starting at a very reasonable cost for up to 12 children, Zimmerhoeve offers you the use of a party room, provides crafts, some farm-themed toys and activities and includes a session helping to feed the smaller animals at the end of the party session. For older children there is also the option of a treasure hunt around the farm. Although the hire is for three hours (1-4pm), we decided that it was better not to tire the toddlers out and, with most of them still napping around lunchtime, we went for a 2-4pm party time.

Easy to Organise

No food is provided, which worked better for us as we were able to bring in snacks and a cake of our own choice.

I arrived early to set up and was shown into the room they use for after-school clubs and activities.  The staff had decorated it with balloons and bunting, so all I had to do was set food out on the large table and wait for the guests.

Our little guests arrived and were very taken with all the toys, but had much more fun exploring the farm. You know you are raising international kids when you can hear “rabbit!” being shouted in several different languages!


As the weather was so good, the children spent most of their party time leading each other and their parents around the farm, but we did head back inside for snacks and quiet time. Given how unpredictable the Dutch weather can be, it was very reassuring to know that, even if it had rained, our party would still have continued. 

About 15 minutes before the end of the party, one of the staff members came to the party room to collect the children to feed the animals. She brought with her long twigs which the children could hold out to the animals, and they could also go into the pens if they wished. Not all the children were willing to do this, so do bear in mind that animals are not for all toddlers.

Nevertheless, if you are looking for a city farm to hold your child’s birthday at, I can highly recommend Stadsboerderij Zimmerhoeve.

Please note: This article is the opinion of one parent and not that of Amsterdam Mamas.

photo credit: Stadsboerderij Zimmerhoeve

Emmy Coffey McCarthy

Emmy McCarthy was the Director of Stichting Amsterdam Mamas. She is a Mama, Entrepreneur and Connector on a never-ending quest for balance in her life.