Advertising and Disclosure

When Amsterdam Mamas began we were very careful not to allow advertising in the Facebook group. We did this to ensure that when people were asking for advice or support they could be confident that we were providing our own independent opinions.  We do not want our readers to ever feel that they are being sold to. However, we do need to fund our activities and one of the ways to do that is through advertising.

About products and services disclosure:

On this site, we regularly talk about products and services which interest us and which we think will be of interest to you. We try to be as clear as possible about whether it is something we have personally bought or tried and found useful or whether it is something that we have come across which we haven’t tried but which might be of use to our readers.

If we are approached by a manufacturer, distributor or service provider to talk to you about their products or services be assured that they will have been vetted by the Amsterdam Mamas team before we bring them to your attention.

We will always make it absolutely clear if we post about a product or service as a result of being approached by the manufacturer, distributor or service provider.

We do have inbuilt affiliate advertising on the site for various stores. Clicking on these links might generate a few cents of income for us per month, maybe enough to buy a round of coffee for the volunteers!


We are currently offering a range of advertising packages for the website. We will only accept advertising if it is something that we feel is relevant, of interest and in keeping with the spirit of Amsterdam Mamas. For more information on advertising opportunities, discounts on advertising for existing members and special rates for small businesses please send us an e-mail:

We personally vet all companies who approach Amsterdam Mamas to advertise.