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Sizoo Mental Health

For the past twenty-five years I have had the privilege of working with global nomads, TCK’s, expats and accompanying spouses. Much has changed in that time, but the mindset of the international adventurer remains the same. I know, because for 30 years I also lived and worked away from the country of my birth and experienced being in a cross cultural marriage, raising an international son.
As expats, we’ve become so good at adjusting and adapting that, over time, we can begin to forget who we are at our core. Yet I have found the inner landscape can be just as exciting, if not more, than the outer. So if you are suffering from relocation fatigue, expat stress and burnout, or if you are finding it hard to deal with mixed feelings towards the people back home, with ailing parents for example, then don’t suffer in silence.
Apart from the normal ups and down of life, global nomads have chosen to add an additional layer of growing impulses to their lives. Understanding what hurts and why, will help you to make the most of those growing challenges.
I hold an MA in Psychotherapy from the University of East London, which is a UKCP accredited clinical training. I work from a psychodynamic and existential perspective.
Welcome to my Amsterdam practise located opposite the RAI.



Lysanne Sizoo


Amsterdamseweg 204, 1182 HL, Amstelveen


06 3639 8897