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Survival swimming is the ability to float and breathe, regardless of the water's depth, for an indefinite period of time. Children are naturally drawn to lakes, ponds, rivers, canals, beaches, and pools. It only takes a second for an accident to occur no matter how careful a parent supervises their child.

Your child will learn how to roll from a face-down position in the water to a face-up independent back float. Infants and toddlers do not know how to raise their heads to take a breath. If your child falls into the water knowing how to roll onto their back face-up it can save their life! If your baby is walking then he/she can learn how to swim to the pool edge/stairs/safety by rolling over to breathe whenever it is needed. Roll over breathing is a technique that many swim instructors and schools don't even attempt to teach because it takes a lot of time, skill, and patience. However, once children learn to roll over to stay afloat, relax and breathe whenever air is needed, they can really swim, stay afloat, conquer fear and experience the joy of swimming! 

It's not just about being comfortable in the water, it's being able to swim and survive!

Give your child the tools needed to safely enjoy the water!

Furthermore, there is a followup ABC swim-diploma program available where lessons are built upon what they learn during a survival course to achieve their diploma; lessons are in small groups of 3, twice a week. Please check out the website for more details on both programs!

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