My Little van Gogh


We are a process-art Atelier based in The Netherlands, France and Spain. We combine art and creativity with child led discovery and family connectivity. We celebrate curiosity and imagination, nurturing the process of creation rather than focusing on the outcome.  
Create activities that encourage children to express themselves freely, discover, play, and get messy, drive us. Through exploration and experimentation the children get in touch with new materials which invite them to create their first master pieces.
We run hands-on workshops, Arty Parties, After school workshops, Holiday Camps and special activities to encourage creativity. In this space, the most important thing is the process and not the result itself; here all kids are artists, and their creations are all masterpieces.
In 2015 Vincent van Gogh had 125 years since his death. In his honor and in the Netherlands My Little van Gogh was being born since then we had been honored every year as one of the most recommended classes in the Amsterdam Mamas Recommend Awards.
In The Netherlands we are based in Amsterdam and Utrecht.
What do we offer? 
  • Weekly parent-child Art Club (12 months to 6 years old)
  • Afters school workshops 
  • Art Parties
  • Art Family Workshops
  • 3in1 Holiday Camps with Mini Professors and Toddler Sense
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