memotion is the interplay of motion, emotion and the individual

"We believe in the power of dance and movement as a tool for expression, communication and interaction."


With the individual strengths and needs of each child as a starting point we use dance and movement as a therapeutic tool for positive growth, for healing, and for development.

Growing up is a process which each individual goes through in their own way and both children and parents may encounter challenges or unexpected situations along that journey. We are there to support this process and offer a safe space to explore alternative ways of being and interacting, and to help children develop tools which can help them in daily life.

memotion is Athina Liakopoulou and Saskia Watts - a Child Psychologist and a Dance Therapist with a shared love of dance and movement. By working as a duo we give each child personal attention, follow their breakthroughs and struggles, and stimulate their creativity and joy through movement.


What we offer:

Individual Coaching

Individual coaching for children needing personal attention/support in their development or to deal with a situation in their life.


MoveMe groups

A small group programme for children designed to address the needs of each individual through dance and movement within a group setting.


Theme workshops

Workshops for parents and children exploring different developmental themes through movement and dance.


Collaboration with schools/organisations

Tailor-made dance and movement programmes for small groups and individuals designed to support different aspects of social-emotional development.

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