S03E20: What Does Dad Do: A Conversation on Modern Fatherhood

September 21, 2016 By Donna Bardsley 0 Comments

All parents are part of the Amsterdam Mamas village, regardless of gender. And no matter our name, papas are just as important in our community as mamas. To prove it we're dedicating an entire episode to the dads among us. 

Fatherhood, masculinity, gender roles, partnerships -- all rapidly changing social constructs and many men today find themselves occupying a very different version of "dad" than their own fathers did. In this episode, we talk with psychologist and Amsterdam Papa Stephen Davies about the evolution of fatherhood. Topics we cover include:

  • Starting his walking therapy practice in Amsterdam
  • Becoming interested in mental health as it relates to Fatherhood
  • The changing role of fatherhood, and how it plays out for international families as well
  • Work-life balance in NL for fathers
  • Getting men to talk about the challenges of fatherhood
  • Challenging the idea that women are innately better at parenting and nurturing
  • Creating better support for dads who are primary carers

We’ll also find out more about the Amsterdam Papas Meetup Group -- psst! Any papa can join!

We also attempt to explain how the OV-chipkaart system works and how to register your child to travel for free on NS trains. And we do it in less than five minutes. 

Show notes: 

What Does Dad Do (email: steve@whatdoesdaddo.com)

Inter-Active Therapy (email s.davies@interactivetherapy.nl)

The Evolution of the Father article on Amsterdam Mamas

Amsterdam Papas Meetup Group

Water Babies Amsterdam (Facebook page


Kids Vrij on NS

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