Looking to capture your newborn baby’s first milestones? Look no further, because photographer Violetta Turan specialises in doing just that.

Time flies. Never is this truer than when babies are concerned. They grow so quickly. How many times since you became pregnant have people told you to “enjoy it, they grow up so fast!”? 

You may be fully aware of this fact and promise yourself that you will have no trouble remembering every precious moment of the life of the child you are bringing into this wonderful world. However, the reality may be somewhat different. You may find yourself celebrating your little one’s first birthday, marvelling at all their milestones and the next moment you are waving them off, when they leave home, while you’re trying to remember what they looked like 18 years ago.

Don’t let this be you! You can capture your baby’s milestones and the perfect way to do this is through photography. Photographs will preserve your memories. You could take snapshots of your newborn and their future momentous moments, but what better way to capture those precious memories right from the start, than with a professional photographer?

Violetta Turan is one such photographer. After studying in Toronto, Violetta worked as a layout designer for a fashion magazine in Moscow. While there she had the fortunate opportunity to expand her skills and work on fashion shoots, where her creative soul discovered a passion for photography.   

Shortly after this experience she joyfully welcomed her own daughter into the world.

When her daughter was three months old, Violetta suddenly realised she had been so busy marvelling at her little bundle of cuteness (not to mention feeding her and changing her nappies!) that she hadn’t had a chance to take photographs! This oversight was soon rectified and she started taking photos of her daughter regularly, however, she can never get back those first moments to capture them on film. 

Violetta doesn’t want this to happen to you or anyone else, so she decided to combine her passion for photography with her love of babies and completed a photography course, where she learnt the special skills required to sensitively photograph our delicate newborn babies.

Two years later and after a move to the Netherlands with her growing family, Violetta has set up a cosy studio environment in her home in Amstelveen, where she lovingly and patiently works with your baby, you and your family to create memories you won’t forget and will treasure for a long time.

Violetta’s training and experience mean she knows how to settle your baby and arrange them in a variety of flattering poses. You do not need to worry that your baby will be too restless to obtain the image you want, as Violetta will guide you to make sure your baby is in the best mood to model on the day of the shoot.

She likes to take plenty of time to capture the perfect image of those first precious moments of your baby’s life, therefore a newborn photo session can take up to four hours. During this time you and your baby will get Violetta’s calm attention, while she creates those priceless memories of your newest family member. You may even find yourself picking up some useful hints and tips on how to calm your baby from her, as she is also something of a baby-whisperer!

She likes to use natural light whenever possible, to soothe the baby and enhance the image, so most photo shoots take place during the day and at weekends. As Violetta is always looking for perfection, she has built up quite a collection of baby safe props made from natural materials to use when creating the perfect story for your baby. She also likes to incorporate your ideas into this creative process, so she will be speaking with you prior to the session and including you during the shoot. 

To make the most of capturing those tender, innocent first moments Violetta suggests you start right from the beginning and likes to take the first photos of your baby before they reach two weeks. Violetta is very flexible, she will stay in touch with you from when you provisionally book your session, until your baby decides to arrive and you can schedule a day to start recording your baby’s story. 

You can even start the process earlier and have a maternity shoot to record that special time of your baby’s life too. Capturing these personal moments does not have to stop (or even start – if your baby is already that bit older) with the first newborn session, but can continue throughout your baby’s first year at the milestones you feel are important to capture. 

When your baby is one-year-old Violetta offers a special “cake smash” session where she will provide a lovely cake coated in a sugar-free topping for your (big) baby to enjoy, while she captures yet more precious memories recording how fast they grow!

To find out more and see a selection of Violetta’s beautiful images visit her website.

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Becky Riddle

Becky Riddle is a full-time mom and self-confessed jack-of-all-trades-yet-master-of-none. She has been living, growing, learning, and loving with her English family of three girls and husband in the Netherlands since 2006.