Thanksgiving in Amsterdam

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For many Americans, Thanksgiving is the most important holiday on the calendar. Thanksgiving 2021 is a bit more open than 2020 but not to pre-pandemic levels. Thankfully there are many local places to help you make a homey Thanksgiving possible, right here in Amsterdam - whether you cook yourself or order in.

Doing it Yourself

If you live in Amsterdam, and you have a big enough kitchen, then getting all the ingredients will be the main concern. The following locations should help you get what you need:

The Turkey

Fred & Yolanda de Leeuw (Utrechtsestraat 92) can source the best French Bresse poultry for your big event. Tel. 020-623 0235

Chris Kip (Albert Cuypmarkt) sells all manner of fowl including turkey. Order from an array of sizes, whether serving five or 25. Tel. 06-1652 0494

Kelly's Expat Shopping can get you a turkey (you can order from 14 November) and Stove Top stuffing, graham cracker pie crusts, and loads of other imported Thanksgiving comforts.

Slagerij Arie van de Raa is in the Gelderlandplein shopping centre, near Amsterdam Zuid. You can order a turkey up to 10kg! Tel. 020-644 1486

Slagerij Alain Bernard (Albert Cuypstraat 133) is a French butcher and knows his turkeys. Place an order. Tel. 020-662 4572

Marqt supermarket will have some organic birds in stock but they recommend you talk to the butcher about size requirements and have them order it in for you. Tel.  020-422 6311

Hergo the retail butcher chain with stores across Amsterdam can order a turkey for you.

De Hoenderspecialist Paul de Wit offers wild turkeys at farmers' markets on Haarlemmerplein on Wednesdays, Minervaplein on Fridays, and on Buikslotermeerplein, Lindegracht, and Jacob Obrechtsplein on Saturdays. He also can be found at the Grote Markt in Haarlem.

The Trimmings

Cranberries (veenbessen) are readily available and are even grown locally on the Dutch island of Terschelling. Marqt and Albert Heijn frequently sell fresh cranberries (AH also sells frozen). 

Health food stores De Tuinen, Natuurwinkel, or Ekoplaza offer organic cranberry jam and syrups.

Eichholtz Delicatessen on the Leidsestraat stocks Stove Top Stuffing mixes, pie filling, jelly, and more.Tel. 020-622 0305

Dirk, Super de Boer, Jumbo and C1000 supermarkets often stock marshmallow fluff and root beer.

Tjin’s Toko in the Pijp carries many American products; check there for marshmallows, stuffing mixes, and other holiday treats. Tel. 020-671 7708

Sligro and Makro are wholesale supermarkets, and if you know someone with a business account, you can easily pick up all the ingredients you need; sprouts, cranberry relish, and many alternatives to turkey including pheasant, duck, or hare.

Kelly's Expat Shopping in De Pijp has all kinds of comforts from home. 

If you can't make it to the shops on time, try ordering from USfoodz for pumpkin pie filling and other American treats.

The Equipment

If you have decided to cook, but you don’t have a roasting pan, a turkey baster, thermometer or the required number of pots and pans, then you may want to stop by one of the bigger kitchenware stores in town:

Kookwinkel Divine & Delicious is a long term supporter of Amsterdam Mamas and has grown along with us over the years. If you can't find it here, your kitchen probably doesn't need it.

Duikelman in de Pijp is a large store full of great equipment and accessories.

De Pittenkoning in the middle of the Albert Cuyp market is smaller, but packed with useful tools.

Studio Bazar has trendy, colourful, and quirky items in their two centrally located stores.

Deksels at Haarlemmerdijk 129 is a tiny spot packed from top to bottom with all things cooking.


Ordering In/Dining Out

If you are looking for "other people cook it for you" options, we have found a few for 2021. We'll be updating as we learn of more ...

The Dylan Hotel is offering an authentic take away dinner for 4.

Carter's in Oud Zuid is offering a dine in Thanksgiving dinner, but it must be pre-ordered and pre-paid by 9am 22 November.

Pendergast, an authentic smokehouse BBQ, is offering a take-away option - to be heated at home and pickup is Wednesday 24 November. 



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