S04E28: Teens, Body Image, and Eating Disorders

March 07, 2017 By Donna Bardsley 0 Comments

Eating disorders and body image issues can affect both boys and girls, can start at a surprisingly young age, and can result in severe health problems. In this episode, we talk to Dr. Anisha Abraham about eating disorders and body image issues in teens, globally and in the Netherlands. Some topics discussed include:

  • Some statistics and misconceptions about eating disorders
  • The protective aspects of Dutch culture when it comes to body image issues
  • Risk factors for body image and eating disorders
  • The effects of social media on body image
  • How to talk to your teens about body image and disordered eating
  • How the Dutch healthcare system addresses eating disorder and at-risk individuals
  • Resources for parents and teens

We begin this episode with a short segment explaining everything you need to know about cervical exams (pap smears) in the Netherlands. 

Dr Anisha Abraham is a pediatrician who has 20+ years experience helping young people with substance abuse, eating disorders, obesity, depression, and sexually-transmitted infections. She is currently on faculty at the University of Amsterdam and previously worked in the US and Asia. She also serves as a consultant in schools helping coach teens and their parents to handle stress and promote self-esteem and resilience. We highly encourage our listeners to check out Dr. Abraham’s TEDx talk 'Demystifying Teens' as well as her article Amsterdam Mamas article on sex education in the Netherlands.

Show notes: 

Nederlandse Acadamie Voor Eetstoornissen

Register of Dieticians in NL

Buro PUUR self-esteem training

Video on Cervical Screening Exams in the Netherlands

Information on cervical cancer screenings on the Dutch Public Health website

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