S04E26: So You're Not Perfect, Now What?

February 08, 2017 By Donna Bardsley 0 Comments

All perfect parents raise your hands!



This episode is for all the imperfect parents. We introduce our theme for our fourth season, Imperfect in Amsterdam, by talking to parenting coach and Amsterdam Mama Alison Ochs about perfectionism and parenting. We explore the pitfalls, cultural taboos, and the reality of parenting while also being human. Topics we cover include:

  • What it is truly like to accept our imperfections and why is it important?
  • When you mess up, then what?
  • How your your child’s idea of the perfect parent is often at odds with what they really need
  • The good and bad of the parenting perfection code today
  • Why you are the perfect parent for your child

We also answer a few totally legit listener questions about the behind the scenes operations of producing a podcast.


Allison Ochs is a former social worker and teacher, and now the founder of EDIT change management, where she runs seminars and coaches on all aspects of parenting and family life, specializing in helping teens. She also blogs about being raised as one of eleven children, linking these stories with parenting today, and about all aspects of expat life. Find Allison at EDIT change management and on Facebook at Editcm.


Show notes:

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