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December 20, 2012 By Claire Mingay 0 Comments

A lucky Amsterdam Mama was offered the chance to review the Micro Step Scooter. Read on to find out what she and her family thought of it.

 “Who would like to review a Mini Micro Scooter?” posted an admin in the Amsterdam Mamas Facebook group. We have a very active three-year-old boy who is a human dynamo (he radiates energy – it’s exhausting!) so this seemed like another great way to wear him out. However, as our boy is rather strong-willed and isn’t particularly good at listening, this was also going to be an interesting opportunity to see how we would navigate the mean streets of the Jordaan without injury, tantrum, or meltdown (me that is!). I should also mention that I have a six-month-old baby girl, so our outings always mean that I’m incapacitated in some way – either I cannot run because she is attached to me in the sling, or I’m behind a pushchair which can’t just be deserted in the street to chase a toddler on a scooter. This was going to be a challenge.

Our first outing took full advantage of the fact that this very lightweight scooter also conveniently breaks into two pieces and can be easily stashed under the pushchair. I wasn’t brave enough to let him loose on the street just yet so we ventured off to the playground where there’s a large flat play area. Sadly we arrived just as the older kids from the basisschool were taking their break – within moments my boy had crashed into two bigger boys who weren’t fond of having their football game interrupted by a pushy toddler. My boy took it to heart and ditched the scooter forlornly at the edge of the playground in favour of the climbing frame and no amount of reassurances could convince him to get back on. I was hoping this wasn’t going to be one big failure – I felt sure he’d love it.

The next outing was to the park one afternoon after some recent rain. Little man was getting braver, having fun but staying close to Mama, and generally loving it…right before – splash! – straight into a deeper-than-expected puddle. Water inside wellies, soaked muddy trousers, more tears, more hugs, but I couldn’t convince him to get back on!

Fast forward two weeks to an unexpectedly sunny November afternoon. Determined to get this scooter riding cracked, we leave baby girl at home with Papa and set off for the park. This time he’s cruising along happily, avoiding the puddles and having the time of his life. In fact, it’s going so well we venture to the far side of the park to the kinderboerderij (city farm) where he won’t part with it even while visiting the goats. It’s so compact that we take it into a café to enjoy apple pie and hot chocolate (Mama’s celebration treat!) before returning home exhausted but so happy.

Several more outings on the scooter with Papa in charge (sterner than me) and our boy is now the Scooter King – to the point where we have to tell him that not every trip can be made by scooter (yes, more tears at the front door!). He stops when told, doesn’t go too far ahead, and loves every minute of it. He still hasn’t quite come to terms with the brake, so rubber soled shoes have been a great help but I’m sure this is something he’ll master in time. In fact, this is one of the great features of this scooter – despite being lightweight, it’s also sturdy and strong and has so far navigated cobbled streets and rough gravel paths, not to mention the dreaded muddy puddles.

I can see him enjoying it for many years to come. Maybe I should also invest in one of the adult scooters just to keep up with him!

Visit for ordering information and to see their full line of scooters and accessories. 

Editor's Note: The Mini Micro Scooter in this review was provided by, distributors of the Micro Step scooter range in the Netherlands. For more information on review posts and advertising on Amsterdam Mamas, please see our Advertising and Disclosure policy. 

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