Nirit Yogev: mother, business owner, beauty therapist, and natural skincare developer and specialist. Her labour of love, Pure Natural Cosmetics, is your solution to the challenge of finding natural, cruelty-free beauty products and services.

Amsterdam Mama Nirit Yogev had always been health conscious, but becoming a mother really made her start questioning the skincare products she used on her baby and herself. What was actually in them? So began a quest to find a natural, chemical-free option for her family, but Nirit struggled to find anything in the Netherlands. “I think the awareness now is growing, but back then, there was nothing,” she says.

Determined to find a safer option for her family, Nirit took matters into her own hands. She completed a natural pharmaceutical, cosmetics and aromatherapy course so that she could make all natural skincare for her family with her own hands. Soon, however, friends noticed and wanted in on Nirit’s organic skincare range. The rest is history.  


Nine years on and Pure Natural Cosmetics has expanded to two salons – one in Amsterdam (Europaplein 77) and one in Amstelveen (Burgemeester Haspelslaan 390), each with an extensive range of hand-made, natural, chemical-and-cruelty-free skincare products. Nirit’s large client base extends across the Netherlands.

Pure Natural Cosmetics salons are serene sanctuaries, where Nirit invites her clients to relax, recharge, and let her take care of them. She uses candles, crystals, and meditative music to set a mood in which clients can unwind completely. New mothers with small babies are especially welcome at Pure Natural Cosmetics salons; the babies often sleep soundly in the calm environment, and if Mama needs to feed or change her baby, she is most welcome to do so before Nirit carries on with the treatment.

For me, it is about the personal connection with my client.  This is my passion, and I love taking care of each client walking into my salon.

Nirit takes a holistic approach, discussing other aspects of her client’s life, such as nutrition, stress, and detergents use, to better understand her client’s skin needs, “For me, it is about the personal connection with my client.  This is my passion, and I love taking care of each client walking into my salon.”

Nirit offers a range of facial and massage treatments, using her unique all natural skincare range. Pure Natural Cosmetics products include facial cleansers, toners, moisturisers, gels, serums, eye creams and soaps, to name a few. Treatments include facials, massages and the newest addition, cosmetic acupuncture.


Pure Natural Cosmetics uses only the best natural ingredients and contain no harmful chemicals.“I always tell my clients, you do not need to know all the ingredients, just look out for the nasties, such as parabens, SLS, aluminium and perfumes.”

The products are also cruelty-free, which is essential to Nirit, who is committed to living a vegan lifestyle. What sets Pure Natural Cosmetics apart, is that Nirit personally develops and produces each product by hand, which of course means she can adapt it precisely according to a client’s exact skin needs. “I never make too big a batch as to keep the products as fresh as possible.  The creams especially are so rich that you only need a small amount, so your face cream will easily last up to eight months.” Pure Natural Cosmetics’ facial creams base ingredients are coconut and shea butter, vitamin E and seaweed.  For children’s skin and other sensitive skins, she adds gentle essential oils such as lavender or chamomile, and for anti-ageing benefits, she combines base oils such as rose, ylang-ylang and jasmine to revitalise the skin. For oily skin types, she instead uses gels as a base.

I love to bring this message, especially to mums: self-care is not selfish! You cannot give if you are running on empty.

Never one to become complacent, Nirit continuously develops new products, such as a soap and a cream kit to treat eczema and psoriasis, “The eczema treatment cream and soap are products which I developed, according to a client’s need. It has become a big hit.”


Pure Natural Cosmetic salons offer facials, LED-light therapy, herbal peels, cosmetic acupuncture, and massages. Each session lasts between 60 to 90 minutes. Nirit prefers not to treat more than four clients a day so that she can give each client enough time and personal attention, “I do not run a factory line and never push anyone one out the door.  It is not just a facial but a place and time to relax and be taken care of.”

Facials: A typical facial treatment starts with a consult which is followed by a cleansing and massage. Nirit then tailors the treatment to the client’s particular skin needs on that day.  

LED-light Therapy: this therapy involves the client wearing a mask with seven different light sources that are antibacterial to treat acne, but also stimulate collagen production.

Herbal Peel: A refreshing facial peel, mostly done during winter, that revitalises the skin.  

Cosmetic Acupuncture: Pure Natural Cosmetics’ newest treatment is cosmetic acupuncture, which has been found effective in the treatment of acne as well as improving the skin’s blood flow and elasticity. It is seen as the healthy alternative to botox and a natural facelift, and has, of course, gained popularity amongst celebrities!

Massage: Nirit also offers a full body, detoxifying, aromatherapy massage and is an experienced pregnancy massage therapist. Pregnancy massage can be done safely after the 15th week of a low risk, uncomplicated pregnancy. It focuses on relaxation, muscle and joint pain-relief for the mama-to-be. “I love to bring this message, especially to mums: self-care is not selfish! You cannot give if you are running on empty.  My treatments are not only about pampering. It is about refuelling. I like to tell my clients, especially my mum-clients, let me take care of you for the next while, because you take care of the world”.

To learn more about the products and services of Pure Natural Cosmetics, or to book an appointment, visit their website.

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