The Mamas Recommend: Travel Essentials

June 11, 2012 By Emmy McCarthy 0 Comments

Travelling with kids can be challenging. These products help make life a little easier.

  1. We love Trunki! Fun and practical. Fill it with your little one's essential items and then they can ride around the airport on it. Check out the whole Trunki range.
  2. This little kit means that even when you are away from home you can still patch up your little monsters. Stuffed full of everything you might need to treat all those bumps and grazes, it is still small enough to stick in your changing bag. Buy it direct from Baby Aid.
  3. We have found that it is much easier to carry your baby or toddler in airports as well as on and off the plane. You have your hands free to juggle passports, ticket stubs and carry-on luggage. Pick a carrier that goes from newborn to toddler such as Ergo or Boba for maximum benefit.
  4. Even if you take a carrier you will probably still want to take a stroller with you. Choose the smallest, lightest one you can find to maximise space for other luggage in the car and minimise the amount you have to carry. We like the Quinny Zapp for travelling, but the Maclaren Volo has also been highly rated by The Mamas.
  5. Sleeping away from home can be difficult for some kids, so why not take their bed with you? The Deryan travel cot pops up in seconds and folds down small enough to fit in your suitcase. Get them used to the cot before you go by trying some nap times in there.
  6. Wherever you travel, be sure to take enough with you to entertain your kiddo on the journey. We have found that a mix of books and toys works best. Even better, if you have time, wrap them beforehand, it adds to the excitement! Why not try a book about planes or a stack of nesting cups (which double as useful bath toys, sandcastle builders, grape hiders and much more at your destination!).

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