The Mamas Recommend: Personal Trainers

Finding the right personal trainer can be like finding the right partner – you might have to try a few to find the one you want to stay with. Because like your partner, your personal trainer will see your at your absolute worst – no make up, sweating, yelling, perhaps cursing … but they will motivate you and stimulate you to be the best you can be!

When you think of a Personal Trainer, many people envision an old fashioned military drill instructor, yelling at their recruits to do more push ups! While these types of personal trainers do exist, and there are people who thrive on that kind of traning, things have come a long way in the personal training world. Trainers have different methods, ways of motivating, and they all come with their own specialty: pre- and postnatal care, developing mindfulness, dietary guidance, marathon training, swimming, weight loss, etc. Indeed, there are so many options out there, it's really wise to meet them personally, explain your goal(s), and see if you can perhaps do a trial session with them.

Without further ado, here they are, in alphabetical order ... Amsterdam Mamas' most recommended personal trainers!

Angela Oosterling 

Contact: 06 2288 8960; IG:@bodymasters.official

Specialties: Certified Sport Dietician, weight management, lady shaping, lower back problems, and a love for Combat Sports.

D’angelo Verginie 

Contact: 06 2416 7464

Specialties: Track and Field, Dance – Capoeira, Salsa; D’angelo feels the focus should always be on your posture and core strength.

Dominique Soomer 

Contact: 06 2867 3667; IG:@dominiquesoomer

Specialties: Recovering from diastasis after pregnancy, core strength and stability, and functional movement training (weightlifting, athletics, and gymnastics all in one).

Ljuba Lapre

Contact: 06 2728 5621; IG:@ljuba_personaltrainer

Specialties: Experienced marathon runner (New York and Amsterdam) and Olympic lifting; postpartum depression, nutrition, breastfeeding and balancing hormones. You can even bring your child along for the training!

Lorna Wilson

Contact: 06 4603 7774; IG:@trainerlorna

Specialties: biomechanics, strength training and massage therapy; triathlons and marathon training in a sustainable, injury-free manner.

Maureen Freelink *

Contact: 06 1529 4140; IG:@maureenfreelink

Specialities: female fitness, post-natal training, weight loss, endurance, nutrition, and Buggy Running!

Widely recommended in the Amsterdam Mamas Facebook group. 

Niels Duinmaijer 

Contact: 06 1245 3050; IG:@bodymasters.official

Specialties: Certified movement specialist; working with clients who have physical and mental limitations like burnout, depression or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and sports massage.

Richard Visser  

Contact: 06 2320 6793; IG:@indifituals

Specialties: helping people regain a sense of control in their busy lives through fitness, weight loss, muscle gain, and strength training.

Saron Hansen van Diemen 

Contact: IG:@totalself

Specialties: addressing both psychological and physical aspects of self care via her Total Self method; addressing the root cause of issues and helping clients develop maintainable healthy habits.

Stephanie Pimenta de Castro

Contact: 06 4214 9997; IG:@stephaniepimentadecastro

Specialities: the female body, including both pre- and postnatal strength building and conditioning, weight loss, muscle toning, nutrition.

Vera Buskermolen

Contact: 06 2424 1635  

Specialties: Swimming! Helps kids and adults become certified swimmers; helps established swimmers improve their technique and endurance.

Lana Huf-Germain is a born and bred Amsterdammer. She understands the difficulties faced by international families with no grasp of the language or history, and the extra problems this brings raising a family in Amsterdam. She started Amsterdam Family Assistance to help families new to the Netherlands overcome these barriers and make them feel at home.


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