The Mamas Recommend: Doulas in Amsterdam

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If you've read What's a Doula and How Can You Find One?, then this directory is your next step. Compiled thanks to the Amsterdam Mamas Facebook group's recommendations, this list is a shortcut to the best professionals in your area. Book early as these wonderful women are in demand!

Benita Verheem – Doula Benita

06 4259 3035

Dana Lindzon – Mamawise

06 46366399

Francesca Bocus – Pregnancy and Birth Support

06 84127402

Ilena Standring – Doula & Coach 


06 48688308

Inbal Sigler – Isis Hypnobirthing & Yoga


06 85365403

Jennifer Hollenberg

Jennifer Walker –


06 47968009

Joyce Hoek-Pula – Embracing Birth


06 18293941

Julia Karadi


Julia Szalai

Karen Goldman – Bumpandbeyond

06 21445558

Liliana Lopes Cardoso 

Maartje de Bruijn-Bruning - MotherMe


06 57195819

Mari Gordon – Amari Doula Care


06 52889651

Melissa Kane – Mel Kane Doula

06 39355325

Paulina Glapsinki-Zoethout

06 18520485

Yusette Lumey


06 55381319

This list has been compiled from the recommendations of our members on the Amsterdam Mamas Facebook group.

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