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Maria Dicieanu sits down with Kate Cox of Thrive Chiropractic to learn more about chiropractic as a way to ease our aches and pains and take better care of ourselves.

We're mothers. We lift our little humans, carry them around for hours, breastfeed them in body-stressing positions, and even sleep like contortionists next to them! We sometimes ignore our physical needs and pains until we take our bodies close to the breaking point.

And that's where Kate Cox and her clinic Thrive Chiropractic come in – easing the pain and helping us take better care of ourselves through structural chiropractic care. Kate and her team focus not only on treating the pain but also on helping patients learn practices to keep the pain from recurring. Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression Therapy, a tool only Thrive Chiropractic in Amsterdam offers, can be a convenient solution to pain in lower back and neck, radiating pain in the arms and leg, and herniated or bulging discs. 

Kate's Journey to Chiropractic

One gets the feeling that few people understand pain quite like Kate Cox. While in college she played rugby on the USA’s World Cup Team. As rugby is one of the most demanding sports for the body, Kate needed to deal with pain and injuries and their aftermaths. It was during this time that she developed her keen interest in and appreciation for chiropractic. She believes it helped prevent illness, disease and degeneration, while simultaneously ensuring that every muscle, joint and organ was working at full capacity. Kate credits chiropractic for her ability to thrive and continue playing rugby at the highest level.

Her firsthand experience of chiropractic's effects inspired Kate to study chiropractic herself. She enrolled in and graduated from Life University in Marietta, Georgia and pursued postgraduate studies in Childhood Neurological Behavioral Development Disorders and Lumbar Disc Derangements. She is currently working towards her Master in Functional Neurology with the Carrick Institute.

While the Netherlands as a country is fairly open to the idea of chiropractic, Kate points out that here anyone can call themselves a 'chiropractor'. People have to make sure they are actually going to a registered one. Kate herself is a member of the Netherlands Chiropractic Association and she advises patients to choose somebody from their list.

The Thrive Difference

You can get recommendations for chiropractic treatment directly from your GP; most insurances will cover the costs for at least part of the procedures. Bring along any MRI, X-Ray, fysio notes or any other documents related to your condition and its investigation so that Kate and her team can establish what the best course of action is. However, Thrive Chiropractic is open also for people without a GP referral. “I see numerous patients with general complaints and concerns as well”, Kate says, “Mothers coming in with burning pain between their shoulder blades that pulls up into their neck. They come in and we begin with an extensive health history and examination to see if we can indeed help this patient, or refer them onward”.

We are focussed on fixing the foundational problems. Just like with houses, if the foundation is weakened you can repair the windows that are crooked but issues are just going to keep coming back....

Unlike other chiropractic clinics that focus exclusively on treating the pain at the local level, like a band-aid, the team at Thrive Chiropractic takes an in-depth approach. As Kate explains, “At our clinic...we are focussed on fixing the foundational problems. Just like with houses, if the foundation is weakened you can repair the windows that are crooked but issues are just going to keep coming back due to the weak foundation. So what we do is really fix the foundation of the issue in order to reset the body, versus simply chasing the symptoms. And then after that, once we've structurally corrected the spine, we provide patients with some rehabilitation exercises to help them take control and maintain it that way.”

Children are also welcome at Thrive Chiropractic. Many parents bring their kids for check-ups to see if they are growing and developing properly or simply to rule out scoliosis and other problems in their spine. Kate’s expertise enables her to identify specific conditions related to structural dysfunctions of the spinal column. For instance, a delay in the integration of the primitive reflexes can result in the improper development of postural reflexes which can lead to other forms of back pain and scoliosis. This is something that can be caught and corrected quite early. Being a mother herself, Kate understands how to interact with children so that even when they are not able to verbalize their problems and pains, she can still thoroughly examine them and check for issues.

While she has known various forms of pain and proudly considers she has an edge for being able to understand exactly what some patients are going through, Kate thinks that pain is never 'normal' and should not be dismissed. Mothers in particular tend to neglect their own pains. As Kate observes, “We're pretty good at destroying our own bodies in order to take care of the loved ones”. Things do pile up however, and more serious injuries can eventually occur. They might seem to come out of the blue, but are actually the result of years of disregarding symptoms of a deeper issue.

So next time when you lift your kid and feel like your back is splitting in two, or your neck is totally stiffened after looking down at various screens, don't tell yourself it will go away, but consider going for a checkup instead!

To find out more about Thrive Chiropractic and their services please visit their web page.

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