Are you looking for a holiday camp that ticks all the boxes? Maria met with Zsuzsanna Simon of FitkidZ and it sounds like she struck gold.

Whether it’s for just a couple of hours, a day, a weekend activity or a holiday camp – at some given point in time, we have to part from our children and entrust them to the care of somebody else. It is normal to have questions. Are the children taken good care of? Are the supervisors qualified? Are the activities age appropriate? Are children provided with healthy food?

At FitkidZ, a holiday camp like no other, these worries are put to rest. Here, children aged 4 to 11 not only take part in a wide range of fun exercises, but also develop healthy eating habits. Run by Hungarian Zsuzsanna Simon, FitkidZ offers a perfect balance of physical and mindful activities, while also providing a novel approach in terms of holiday childcare. It’s the ideal place to bring your child during the school holidays and on Saturdays.

A Range of Activities

Zsuzsanna’s system of using specialist guest teachers ensures varied content which changes daily. The workshops range from yoga, dance, karate, football, circus acts, juggling, drama and more – you can be sure all will include movement!  

Where possible, the camp days are spent in vertical age groups, while the fitness sessions are usually split into two age groups. Children play games and follow age-appropriate exercise routines.

The workout sessions are followed by mini nutritional workshops in which the children not only create delicious smoothies, but also learn about the nutritious value of each fruit or vegetable used. 

Free choice is not neglected either, as there are certain times when the kids can pick from a wide variety of activities, such as board games and card games, and they can choose the friends they want to interact with. The snacks and lunches are provided by FitkidZ, making life easier for the  parents and providing healthy eating examples.

Educational and Fun

Zsuzsanna sees FitkidZ as a second chance to get back to something she always really enjoyed: educating children. Back in her home country of Hungary, Zsuzsanna was a trained teacher but then other job opportunities arose, taking her abroad and to different fields of work.

It all comes full circle however, because she is now able to use that experience, energy, and everything she learned on a personal level. Zsuzsanna believes that the healthy principles she promotes – together with the enticing activities – can easily be applied to other formats as well, such as the Saturday clubs, school workshops, after school clubs and children’s events.  Zsuzsanna is proud to work with the after-school club programme at several schools in Amsterdam. She is also regularly invited to run workshops for the children as part of their school day.

Adaptable and Inclusive

Beyond encouraging the positive effects of regular physical exercising in a fun way, FitkidZ aims to get the little ones closer to a more balanced, diverse and healthy diet. Seeing other children enjoy and eat a vast range of vegetables and fruits, says Zsuzsanna, can help even the most picky eater try out things and discover new tastes. “You can change a kid’s mind if he sees that his friends are eating something he would normally refuse. It can take time, but there’s definitely a benefit of doing things together.”

FitkidZ has a wonderful inclusion policy and is open to absolutely everybody; no child will be turned away.  Whether it’s a food issue or your child has difficulties in other areas, Zsuzsanna and her team will make your child feel welcome and included.

With its exceptional 1:6 teacher-student ratio, you can be sure that your child is always safe. The activities are usually conducted in English but there are also Dutch-speaking team members. The holiday camps are run for a standard 6 hours per day, but from her own experience as a working parent, Zsuzsanna is more than aware that there is sometimes a need for extended hours, which – on prior arrangement – can usually be catered for.

FitkidZ also offers birthday parties. All themes are available – involve lots of movement of course! – and are followed by mini workshops, where children create mouth-watering smoothies and healthy snacks.

It is this mix of physical and creative activities, mindfulness, and teaching healthy eating habits, that makes FitkidZ so much more than your typical holiday childcare, after-school club or special event. Great for kids and great for their parents. What’s not to like?

To find out more about FitkidZ, visit their website or email Zsuzsanna.

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